Wonderbly is a personalized book publisher supported by Google Ventures and famously known for the breakout hit “Lost My Name.” 

It is revealing Wonderbly Studios to make it simpler for other brands to give personalized and bespoke printed books on-demand.

How The New Service Will Work  

Initially, Wonderfully Studios will operate with preferred partners to provide access to its personalization API and create new books using its technology and knowledge in the space. 

Though, longer-term, Wonderbly co-founder and CEO Asi Sharabi, states that the plan is to maintain developing the platform.

And to eventually open up the entire thing so that everybody can give high-quality and data-infused personalized books through its API.

Sharabi further adds that although Wonderbly is conscious of some “cool” personalized book ideas now on the market, he states that very few are reaching a meaningful scale. 

The primary project to come out of Wonderbly Studios is an interactive magazine from Wizarding World (the Official Harry Potter Fan Club).

 It is a mutual venture between Pottermore Ltd. and Warner Bros.

The book’s contents were drafted and created by the Wizarding World Digital team.

And feature images from over the Wizarding World.

The artwork was done by illustrator Jim Kay and especially designed Hogwarts house covers by MinaLima.

The graphic designer design team is behind a few of the visuals from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films.

Meantime, the personalization technology, e-commerce combination, and on-demand printing/logistics are powered by Wonderbly.

Products designed on the Wonderbly platform can produce a “limitless amount of creativity, compelled only by imagination,” states the Wonderbly CEO. 

That is because Wonderbly takes care of a number of the remaining heavy-lifting.

Products are rendered in real-time for consumers as part of the shopping adventure.

Wonderbly studios launched by Wonderbly | iTMunch

The Purpose of The Program 

The program manages the complexities of combining with e-commerce systems in a developer-friendly way, making it an easy task to include a personalized product to a cart. 

When an order is created, a simple webhook assures that the products are rendered, published, and shipped to the customer, while filling into our partner’s systems for advance notification and consumer support.

The size of personalized books we might see come to market as Wonderbly Studios frees up further is unlikely to predict. 

As Sharabi previously said, you can’t balance creativity in the same way as tech — you have to enable creativity to grow from anywhere.

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Image Courtesy: Wonderbly