According to the latest tech news, employees of the Wisconsin, an American company, are expected to get microchip implants.A Wisconsin-based modern vending company, Three Square Market (32M), which outfits break rooms with “micro markets”, announced that it will soon start offering voluntary implants. These implants can be used by its employees to for vending in the break room, open doors, log onto computers, operate the copy machine and much more.

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This tech company is aiming to chip more than 50 employees by injecting rice-sized sensors. These sensors will be placed underneath their skin, in the space between the thumb and forefinger. The rice-sized sensors are equipped with Radio Frequency Identification, also known as RFID technology, which uses electromagnetic fields to identify electronically stored information. Due to these embedded chips, the workforce at 32M can access technology just at a wave of a hand.

Wisconsin Company to install microchips in employees

Todd Westby, CEO of 32M said in a statement that he sees the chip technology as the future of payment systems. This includes everything from unlocking phones and sharing business cards to storing medical details and convenient payment methods.

32M will partner with a Swedish company, Biohax International, to perform injections with pre-loaded syringes. The tech company this is a move, which is first of its kind in the States already available in Europe. 32M has paid $300 for the microchips for its staff.

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