Artificial Intelligence is not only a fascinating topic anymore. AI has gone beyond just a topic of discussion and we can increasingly see it being used around us. Everyone is curious about the endless possibilities of AI changing our daily lives.

However, what we fail to realize that AI can be used for the way we trade day to day as well. With the scenario of digital marketing transforming at a rapid pace, it was only a matter of time before the 2 biggest hypes came together. Yes, that’s right! AI can now be used to transform the dynamics of your digital marketing.

Content is an integral part of digital marketing. With so many companies developing newer and better content marketing strategies, using AI to stay on the top of the game has become a necessity. Read about the following AI tools you can use to grow your blogs.

Grammarly to the Rescue

Grammarly is the best tool that any writer can ever use. While being in the flow of writing, it’s not always easy to keep a check on grammatical and spelling mistakes. This AI tool helps to recommend better and proper writing. The paid version of Grammarly not only helps improve basic grammatical errors but also offers powerful recommendations to improve the tone and style of your writing.

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Crayon for Keeping a Check on your Competitors

Crayon is a powerful AI tool that gives you useful insights about your competitors. You can see what your competitors are doing online and analyzes over 100 different types of data online from more than seven million sources. With this tool, you can even track the changes in competitor websites helping you have an overview of their content strategy.

Uberflip for Engaging your Readers

Uberflip is a cloud-based AI platform that helps enhance your reader’s experience. It makes you blog website more engaging by creating content experiences, personalizing content at scale and generating leads and revenue. To sum it up it is the ultimate AI tool to help you increase traffic to your blogs.

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Pathmatics for Anything and Everything about Ads

Imagine this, you have created great content but are unable to find readers for your blog? The main aim of an amazing blog is to attract as many readers as you can to your blog. This is where Pathmatics steps in. This AI tool shows you digital advertising information for hundreds of brands. This tool can even help you view how much a brand is spending on ads and tell you where to find your target audience.

BrightEdge for Automating Production Tasks

BrightEdge is an AI tool that helps you discover what customer wants and what your blogs need. With this tool, you can publish highly optimized content that is activated across various marketing channels. BrightEdge is really useful for making your production process way easier. Various tedious tasks such as header tags, cross-linking and optimization are optimized or made simpler with the help of this tool.

With all these handy AI tools in your arsenal, you can grow your blog, inviting more readers and expanding your reach. By using these AI tools, the sky is the limit for your content marketing.