All the time you have spent watching movies in a darkened theatre, where your eyes widened from an unexpected twist, your teardrop at an emotional scene, and much more, probably went unnoticed. However, your expressions and emotions behind them would not go unnoticed anymore. This is because, according to the latest AI news, theatres equipped with “computer vision” will be watching you too.

Thanks to Silver Logic Labs the company who has done just the same for you. Jerimiah Hamon, the CEO of this company is an applied mathematician who specializes in the number theory. He has worked with renowned companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Harvard Medical School to solve their consumer problems. However, he was mainly interested to learn how AI could help these companies to better understand the human behaviour; and fix problems related to it.

Theaters analyse reaction in movies

Hamon realised that using AI to analyse human reactions and can be beneficial for companies as well as researchers. His AI will first watch the audience watch a movie, analyse their expressions, and generate data accordingly. This is especially beneficial for industries who can improve their products and services based on customer reactions; and make money eventually. The results provided by the AI will also help movie and television industries to measure a project’s success.

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Although we might struggle to adapt the transformations that AI brings into our lives, this type might reveal observations that make us want to reconsider what it means to be humans. We could find something that we have never seen in each other- or ourselves.

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