According to the latest HR blogs, the overall tech employment opportunities are expected to increase by 12% by 2024. This comes as no surprise with the amount of latest developments in the digital age. This could mean more opportunities for the IT professionals.

From strong communication skills to quickly adapt to the latest technologies, the Silicon Valley will expect their employees to have a number of skills. Read the following list of top tech skills to develop in order to have a great career in the future.

AI and Machine Learning

Currently, the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning is severely understaffed. With the amount of research and development dedicated to artificial intelligence in order to find solutions to various problems, learning and having a career in AI might not be a bad idea at all. You can also become a part of data science. Data science is a rapidly growing profession. Learning about neural networks can help you have a successful career in the field of machine learning.

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Learning AR and VR

With the invention of the Pokemon Go and other such apps the world was introduced to the concept of AR and VR. With many applications realizing the importance of augmented reality and virtual reality, pursuing a career in this field could help a lot in the future. Developing skills such as design, application development and the ability to handle new chips and API’s will help people looking for a career in this field.

Excelling Cyber Security

From the amount of infiltrations that have been taking place, there is no surprise that the IT industry will soon need individuals who have excelled in the field of cyber security. With stakeholders and customers becoming increasingly aware of cybersecurity concerns, many IT organizations will have to begin looking for experts in cyber security.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is another field that has been growing a lot recently. With the gaining popularity of cryptocurrencies the development of blockchain technologies begin in full swing. Developers who understand blockchain will have a high demand in the IT industry in the coming years. However the only disadvantage of this field is that the technology is moving really fast and things are constantly changing hence a developer will always be expected to stay on the top of all the changes.

SaaS in the Cloud

If you want the hot ticket in the field of IT then you need to develop your skills in cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS).Virtualization skills for private cloud hosting will help professionals stand out in a crowd. Along with these skills having experience with DevOps, containers, entire cloud stack and IPv6 will also benefit your chances for a top job.

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The face of technology is transforming and those who desire to be a part of this industry need to up their game and learn about the latest developments in order to pursue a successful tech career. While chasing success it is important to remember to create more value than you capture.