Red Hat vs Ubuntu: Differences Between the Linux OS Distributor


No doubt, Red Hat and Ubuntu are two of the biggest names in the Linux world. These distributions come from different background. However, their functionalities overlap to a large extent. Users searching for open source software can opt for either the Red Hat or Ubuntu distribution. Keep reading to understand who dominates the Red Hat vs Ubuntu comparison!

Let’s start with the basics. What is an operating system? An OS is a software program that can control and operate all other programs which are installed on top of it. It is also responsible for the effective utlization of a system memory. The most popular and widely-used OS today are Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Red Hat, iOS and Unix. The key components of an OS are: User Inferface (UI), Kernel and application programming interface (API).

What is Linux?

Linux is a community-oriented operating system. It runs across numerous computers in the market, and there are many distributors that bring this OS to computer systems. Among them are the market leaders, Ubuntu and Red Hat.

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