As businesses try to come up with newer ideas and softwares to up their digital marketing strategies by the day, there has been one rung of that ladder which has been delivering a reliable and consistent outcome over the years. As you might have guessed, yes, it’s email marketing.

Although the concept of email marketing started way back in the late 70s(1978),
the return of the internet has always proven to be fruitful whenever email marketing strategies have been executed smartly. According to 2021 Hubspot statistics, 99% of consumers check their email daily while 58% check their email first thing in the morning. And with that much attention hovering over email from the daily man it is only smart to place some thought into making a phenomenal email marketing strategy for your business.

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Further in the blog we’ll understand the world of email marketing and learn the foundations of designing a fool-proof email marketing strategy. Let’s dive in!

What is email marketing and its importance?

The marketing strategy where organizations send personalized messages that connect vital product and company updates to people in mass via email is known as email marketing.

A smart email marketing strategy has proved to be more efficient than some modes of social media marketing. Don’t get us wrong social media is still a great way to connect with your audience, but email marketing still comes out on top in terms of making conversions, nudging the audience further down the conversion funnel, and responding to clickable call to actions.

Still think email marketing is an old-school marketing strategy that has no place in the new age? let’s look at the top 5 undeniable reasons why email marketing is unbeatable:

1. It’s cost-efficient

Email marketing has to be one of the most pocket-friendly modes of exercising actions leading to user acquisition. It basically helps you reach the relevant audience with important updates for basically nothing per message.

Start-ups that are bootstrapped to even big organizations use email marketing to reach a larger audience base without having to burn a hole in their pocket. 

2. Can customize Messages

Unlike a social media ad, which is more of a one size fits all system, email marketing allows you to customize the relevant message or an update to the specific user. This allows the tone of one on one communication with the audience even when you have a large user base.

3. Everyone checks their email

As we previously read earlier, the act of checking email is hard printed into the common man’s daily habit. People even go as far as checking their email 5-6 times a day. With this kind of attention going toward the inbox your company’s intervention has a much higher chance of being noticed if implemented in your email strategy.

And ever since the day email has been accessible through a mobile device, the entire possibility to execute an email campaign at a certain time of the day is up for grabs. This strategy has even proved to increase the chances of user engagement with your mail.

4. It’s Measurable

After the execution of your email strategy, gauging your performance is made easy with readily available performance metrics. Most softwares track these metrics automatically and provide a report after the course of execution. These metrics will also help you further understand user behavior to better your email marketing strategy.

5. Targeted Audience

Once you are clear with your goals you get to segment your audience into separate buckets based on where they are on your conversion funnel. Hence your call to actions don’t have to seem demanding, now it can just be a nudge into the next stage of your conversion funnel. This segmenting and therefore targeting of the audience can contribute to a better ROI of your email marketing strategy.


Different types of emails

Now that we know why you’ll be pursuing email marketing, let’s do a quick sweep to learn the different kinds of emails:

1. Newsletters

These kinds of emails are something you send on a regular basis to your customers. They help in building a consistent relationship and usually contain a summary of the activities your organization has been doing recently.

2. Lead-generating emails

These emails consist of content that helps the user move further down into the sales funnel. They are triggered every time the user behavior points in the direction of further interest in the product or the offered service.

3. Information-based emails

These emails carry specific information regarding a subject, it can be as simple as a reminder about a promotional event or an update in the product, or even important updates such as changes in the company.

4. Transactional emails

Transactional emails are triggered to be sent when a user performs a specific action like signing up on your website or subscribing to your newsletter. Consider this as a follow-up/follow-through email that helps a user settle into the action they just performed. For example, it can include emails like welcome emails, thank you emails, or even confirmation emails confirming the action they just performed.

5. Announcement emails

Announcement emails usually contain a big reveal or a big update that you need to convey to your members. Maybe you have a fan club to whom you need to update about details of an upcoming promotional event or even just keep them up to date with new features of your product.


Strategise the best email strategy while keeping the further points in mind
Strategize the best email strategy while keeping further points in mind

Before you send out your first email there are still some eggs you need to remember to keep in the basket. Now that you know the importance and the array of emails in your option make sure you follow the further steps while making your email marketing strategy to make your campaign a booming success:

1. Do NOT spam

Although it’s important to get your message across, keep in mind to not take advantage of your users’ attention and bombard them with constant emails every hour. You want to be subtle about it else you’ll be sidelined like that family group you mute on WhatsApp.
And the lower your open rate higher is the possibility of your email landing up in the spam folder.

2. Keep the design simple

With the presence of so many default email templates on the internet it’s always tempting to scrunch up all features with multiple headings in your mail. With the ever-reducing attention span of the audience, it’s always smart to keep the text in your body simple and your CTA very clear and direct.

3. Subject line is king

Simply put, your mail is only as good as your subject line. This is the text which appears in the users’ notifications and the minimal text they see before choosing the priority in which they check the mail. Strategists even go as far as to clickbait the text to increase the open rate of the mail. To be fair no matter how good the deal in your mail is, it’s only good if you can get the user to open the mail.

4. Don’t forget your CTA’s

Call to action or CTA’s are clickables used to convert the user to whom the mail is reaching. Make sure the end message of each mail is a CTA and it’s important to remember to make it look enticing and very simple and clear as to why it’s important for a user to click it. Remember to keep the number of CTAs in a mail to be minimal, you don’t want to end up overwhelming a potential customer with too many options.

5. Build a segmented list

Now that you might have your body and your CTAs in line separate your audience list based on their user behavior and how it fits in the different stages of your sales funnel. This will help you have different actions required from the audience hence different CTAs and hence a better chance of them taking action. Remember to keep cleaning up your list. Keep a look out for mute audiences who seem to have no response even after the re-engagement emails, they are not potential customers and hence not where you want to spend your energy and attention to.

6. Personalize mail

Studies have shown that personalizing a mail where the name of the user shows up in the salutation increases the open rate of the mail substantially. Everyone likes a personal touch, and for your user to know that an organization took the time to personalize a message to their user behavior shows that they are being cared for and valued.

You have now been equipped with all the knowledge required to conquer the email marketing world. Next stop, to the top.

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