It is natural to consider mainframes as some technology dinosaur, but the truth is these machines are a vital element of many large computing strategy organizations.

Recently, IBM  launched the latest in its line of mainframe computers, called the z15.

More About the z15 

As you already know, these are vast and powerful machines able to handle enormous workloads. 

For example, this machine can process up to 1 trillion web activities a day. It can also manage 2.4 million Docker containers while giving exceptional security to go with that performance. 

This involves the capability to encrypt data once, staying encrypted, even when it leaves the system.

This is an enormous advantage for companies with a hybrid strategy.

You may remember that IBM had bought Red Hat last year for $34 billion, the deal that concluded in July.

Since then these companies are working to include Red Hat technology in the IBM business including the z line of mainframes.

IBM stated last month that it was starting OpenShift, Red Hat’s Kubernetes-based cloud-native tools, accessible on the mainframe operating Linux. 

This will allow developers, who are working on OpenShift on other systems, to shift quickly to the mainframe without specialized training.

IBM marks the mainframe as a platform for hybrid computing environments, which offers an extremely secure place for data.

And when merged with Red Hat’s tools it can allow companies to have a single control plane for applications and data wherever it lives.

IBM Z15 | iTMunch

Are Mainframes Worth It?

 It could be hard to justify the cost of these machines in the age of cloud computing.

Although the founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research, Ray Wang, says it can be more cost-effective than the cloud for some customers. 

The central point is that if you are concerned about being kept hostage by public cloud vendors on pricing, the z is a cost-effective and secure choice for having computed power and working in a multi-cloud, hybrid cloud world.

Organizations like airlines and financial services continue to use mainframes.

And while they require the power these huge machines provide, they need to do so in a more advanced context. 

The z15 is created to provide that link to the future while giving these organizations the power they need.

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