Blade, the French startup backing Shadow, held a press conference to advertise some product news along with some corporate developments.

What is Shadow?

Shadow is a cloud computing assistance for gamers. For a monthly subscription price, you can obtain a gaming PC in a data centre near you. 

Compared to different cloud gaming services, Shadow gives a full Windows 10 condition. You can install anything you desire, for example, software like Steam, Photoshop or Word.

As of now, the company gives a single configuration for $35 per month including eight threads on an Intel Xeon 2620 processor. Plus an Nvidia Quadro P5000 GPU that works more or less as like an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Additionally, Shadow is starting a brand-new interface specially designed for TVs and mobile devices. 

The launcher will now record all your games. 

You can click on a game to launch the game instantly without going through the usual Windows interface. 

The update is accessible on Android TV, iOS and Android. 

The Role of OVH

OVH originator and chairman Octave Klaba also declared a new partnership with Shadow. 

OVH is going to take charge of Shadow’s infrastructure and enhance the cloud hosting partner moving forward. 

The new servers will be turned out in OVH datacenters, which be out next week.

Competition Is Heating Up

Google is around to begin Stadia on November 19th. 

Microsoft is operating on Project xCloud. 

Nvidia has its cloud gaming assistance. 

In other words, cloud gaming has grown into an astonishingly crowded market.

However, Shadow has a competitive edge as it has been about for some years now. 

In addition to improving its streaming technology, the company highlights everything you can do with Shadow that you cannot do with a more restricted cloud gaming service.

Man playing game with the help of Shadow cloud computing assistance for gamers | IT Munch

In Other Corporate News

Shadow allocated another $33 million in October from current investor Nick Suppipat, along with new investors Serena, a syndicate led by Erik Maris and 2CRSi. 

There are presently 70,000 Shadow customers over eight countries. 

At $35 per month, the company is creating some significant monthly recurring income.

Plus Shadow now has a new CEO. 

Co-founder Emmanuel Freund is moving aside as CEO, and he is now in the management of strategy. 

Jérôme Arnaud is taking charge as CEO. 

The company was looking for a more superior business profile for the following step of the company.

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