Microsoft is matching Apple and Google’s lead with the launch of per-app and per-game time goals in its parental control software. 

Aso of now, the company lets the parents limit screen time across Windows 10, Xbox One and Android through the Microsoft Launcher. 

However, it had not yet provided parents to limit the number of times a child can consume in a particular app or game, as its rivals do.

What’s New About This Feature? 

The current controls allowed parents to dole out a set number of hours of screen time. 

Parents can decide to both leave the time up to the kids to maintain or restrict it at the device level.

For example, only permitting one hour of Xbox time but allowing more screen time on the PC.

Nonetheless, the latest trend in screen time management is not to address all screen time as it is unproductive and unhealthy. 

Instead, it is about configuring limits on more of the addictive apps and games that consume up growing amounts of children’s time.

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Why Is This Feature Needed? 

For elder kids and teens, social media apps like TikTok or Instagram could be the accused. On the other hand, younger kids might just be wasting too much time “hanging out” in virtual worlds like Roblox and Fortnite. 

Obstacles on this front have become pretty bad. 

Mobile games are under heat for using gambling tactics like loot boxes to involve children. 

And Fortnite is now the case of a lawsuit which claims that, in part, the game’s addictive quality is due to its use slot machine-like mechanics and reward systems, which manipulates the children’s brains.

Without being ready to limit these apps immediately, kids might end up utilising all of their given screen time on just the one app or game they are obsessed with at the time.

Apple had previously released per-app time limits with the launch of its screen time restrictions in iOS 12. 

And Google recently updated its Family Link software which is now preinstalled on new Android devices, which includes a similar feature.

With this update, Microsoft is now part of the team, too.

The company explained in an announcement that ultimately, their goal is to give flexible and customizable tools to fit each family’s individual needs.

It further says, you as parents know what is best for your children.

No technology can ever substitute that, but they are hoping these tools can help you to discover the right balance.

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