Pandora has announced that a new alliance with Instagram will allow users to share their favourite music and podcasts on their Instagram  Story.

Nearly over a year ago, Spotify too had launched a similar feature after announcing the same alliance with Instagram stories.

The launch of this feature also follows Spotify introducing sharing to Facebook stories as well. 

How You Can Use This Feature

Pandora claims that using this feature is a rapid and easy process.

All you have to do is tap the “Share” button from the “Now Playing” screen on the app. Then you need to choose “Instagram Stories” as the destination.

A top art card for the music or podcast will then be created on your Instagram Story, which you can additionally decorate with text and stickers, as usual. 

You can also send the story as a direct message to friends or as a group chat instead of sending it to all followers.

Pandora’s experience, which differs from Spotify’s is what occurs when that story is viewed.

For example, when a friend clicks on the “Play on Pandora” button from an Instagram story, they will get direct access to that content, despite them having a Premium account. 

Those who are not paid subscribers will also be able to gain access to both the shared content as well as a session of free, unlimited, on-demand music after viewing a short ad.

This is possible because of Pandora’s Premium Access ad solution, 

where the user gets rewarded with free on-demand sessions by just watching a video.

This means that Pandora’s take on Instagram sharing will not only be useful to artists who are looking to promote their music, or fans looking to engage their friends.

It also will possibly serve as a way to turn free users to paid subscribers after they get a complimentary flavour of what Pandora has to offer.

This feature can also be used to support podcasts, which is the latest battleground going on in between Spotify and Pandora these days. 

Share music on Instagram through Pandora | iTMunch

Spotify VS Pandora 

Currently, to stay ahead in the competition, Spotify has spent on acquisitions and also hosted many exclusive shows.

As for Pandora, it is now benefiting from SiriusXM’s talk radio program and its own “Genome” group of technology. 

Pandora also says the Instagram Story-sharing feature is launching now for selected users and it will support sharing songs, albums, podcasts and playlists.

It will gradually reach the rest of the user base in the coming weeks ahead.

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