According to the latest marketing news, LinkedIn has launched Carousel Ads to display up to 10 customized, swipe-able cards within one ad. Rohin Rajiv, the product manager mentioned in a blog post that this update can hopefully ‘humanize’ B2B marketing and add a little colour to an otherwise non-too-descript news feed. This can help users engage with brands on both desktop and mobile.

Linkedin launches carousel ads to customise B2B marketing | iTMunch
As of now, this approach seems to be working; of the 300 advertisers that have conducted beta trials so far including Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, RBC and Volvo Canada. 75% of the companies using this update have experienced increased engagement and click-through rates.

This new update is expected to make every stage of the buyer’s journey count, which will allow brands to raise awareness and consideration, send traffic to multiple landing pages, and seamlessly generate leads using its Lead Gen Forms product.

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While LinkedIn’s innovation on the ad tech front has comparatively been slow, it has successfully carved out a valuable dominance in B2B marketing. This platform also ranks the highest amongst the wide range of social networks for generating leads; thanks to its high-intent user base of over 500 million professionals. Along with this, it is considered as one of the safest platforms for digital advertisers’ brands, according to a poll by GumGum and Digiday.
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