The market of automakers is only growing with every passing day. While all the companies designing and making cars are working towards bettering themselves, a startup in Dubai named Derq is working on developing a technology that will prevent traffic accidents. In the process of introducing a technology, the company has developed a system that communicate with road users in no time. To make this happen they have cameras and a radar installed in the systems capable of detecting potential re-light runners and other hazards. The startup was granted funds by PlanetM, a mobility-minded division of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. Every year this organization grants a particular amount to mobility startups for testing their latest technology. The corporation believed that since the needs of residents are changing, there is constantly a need to develop creative solutions for addressing various traffic related issues so as to avoid road accidents. Continue reading the blog to know more about the startup and the kind of technology it has developed.

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About Derq

Derq is a Dubai based startup that is working with a single aim of eliminating road accidents completely by using AI and V2X technology. The company was founded in 2016 and has an headquarter in Dubai with offices in Detroit. Since its inception the company has been solely working towards making road mobility a safer mode of travel. the technology that Derq has developed can predict and thus help prevent road accidents for both conventional as well as autonomous vehicles. This technology is thus helping in the development of smart cities and ecosystems where connected vehicles exists.

Benefits of Derq’s Traffic Safety Technology

Derq has developed a technology that definitely makes roads safer but there are other advantages as well that make it a game changing advancement. To be precise it provides accurate hints about vehicles that are going to run red lights even before they do it. Because of this immediate warnings are broadcasted to vehicles in and around the area. In case a conflict is foretasted, alerts are sent to vehicles as well as it also predicts intentions of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. Another benefit of this technology is that since the use of e-scooters has increased around the city, the company’s data has given city transportation officials and safety advocates insight into where and how they can move around.

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The benefit that companies have these days is they have access to a state-of-the-art testing facility since Michigan city provides tech companies with unparalleled development opportunities in their work and research. As a result mobility companies gain the ability to explore various paths while designing and care and make it all the more user-friendly.

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