It is no secret that Mercedes-Benz is the pioneer in the world of automobiles. But, according to the latest tech news, this automobile giant has something new to offer- two-wheeled electric scooters. Yes, the luxury carmaker is all set to enter a new market. Keep reading to learn everything that happened in the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show last week.

The much-awaited reveal

In one of their press releases, the parent company mentioned a brief overview of the e-scooter. It explained E-scooters have only been allowed on German roads since June. Despite being on the road for just four months, it is already hard to conceive of a traffic scene without them. These agile and electrically powered scooters are perfect for covering short distances without spending much time and harming the environment. Mercedes-Benz EQ brand developed this e-scooter in cooperation with the scooter specialist Micro. Both the automobile experts have designed this vehicle specifically for those who want flexible mobility solutions. In conclusion, the press release mentioned that the Mercedes-Benz E-Scooter is expected to launch in early 2020.

More about the latest e-scooter

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we have. There is no word on the range, top speed, or any other specs. According to the announcement, it seems the company will sell them in Germany. However, it’s not clear if it will enter other markets or how much it will charge.

The worst part is that there’s not even a photo of the full scooter. All Daimler, the parent company, released were two photos. These photos were just of the base of the e-bike with the Mercedes-Benz logo front and center.

Two wheeled e-scooters by Mercedes-Benz | iTMunch

Is Mercedes-Benz the first one to enter the e-scooter market?

Electric scooters have been quite popular in recent years. Several cities have eagerly brought them in too. This is mainly to improve the poor public transportation infrastructure or deliver a potential alternative to cars. And, Mercedes-Benz isn’t the first one- both BMW and Volkswagen are exploring the scooter market. While these market leaders are just examining this venture, Ford has bought scooter company Spin.

In conclusion

We still are not sure how Mercedes-Benz is planning to sell these electric scooters. There is no doubt they are faster, more convenient, and better for the environment. But, a bike with a Mercedes-Benz logo on it? We still don’t know how the company will market it. Stay tuned with iTMunch to find out.

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