Google’s AI-powered voice recorder app launched at Google’s October hardware event was one of the company’s most effective demos. 

The latest app taps into advancements in AI, speech processing, and speech perception to automatically copy a voice recording with some mistakes, in real-time as the person is talking. 

Unfortunately, Google’s Recorder app was barred to Pixel 4 devices at launch. 

That has presently changed.

The New & Improved Recorder App

As first detected by Android Police, the Recorder app is accessible to Android users with earlier Pixel devices, including Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3a. 

The updated post was added to the app, Sensor Tower also verified. 

But the shortage of publicity around the launch has driven it to see less than 1,000 downloads so far.

Google had earlier stated its purpose to make the app more extensively available. 

In a current Reddit thread, a company spokesperson said the app would become accessible to more Pixel users in the future by a software update. 

They did not say when that update would come, though.

Google’s Recorder app was shown at Google’s fall event as able to take a far more specific transcription. 

Of course, the app was being not set to real-world use at the point — with various types of voices, dialects, and background noise; it may not be as perfect. 

Besides, the app requires the capability to classify and label different speakers, which could make it harder to use in situations like conferences or interviews.

This being said, the app caught up well in initial tests in a review by The Wall St. Journal’s Joanna Stern, though it faltered with accents. 

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What Reviewers Are Saying 

Different reviewers observed the app to be somewhat powerful, too, if a little essential in its overall design. 

TechCrunch’s report said the transcription was quite good but also saw it needed some features different apps have.

Google has placed its real-time speech transcription technology to operate in several ways, besides Recorder. 

It also included live caption technology for Android devices, for instance, which produces transcriptions to things like video or audio stored on your device, or video playback outside of YouTube.

The Recorder app is free to download on Google Play.

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