According to the latest Tech news, Google has officially announced the new release of Hire with several AI features. As the name suggests, this app is solely dedicated to recruiting & hiring.

Since last year, the tech company envisioned Hire as a solution to simplify hiring systems by managing data and tasks. To further improve the hiring process, Google has announced a few more features that are powered by AI, which are expected to save time and energy spent on manual processes.

Google Hire app | iTMunch

The new version of Hire has functionalities to remove iterative jobs, delays in scheduling interviews, and much more. Now the recruiting app has an integrated tool-box spanning Google Calendar, Gmail, and other G Suite applications.

Mentioned below are a few of the primary features of Hire:

1. Interview scheduling at a rapid clip

Hire suggest interviewers, the best time slots, which will bring scheduling into a single click. This can help teams to better prepare for interviews, and foster genuine relationships with applicants.

2. Resume auto-highlighting

Hire will automatically assess and evaluate job description terms or search queries, and will highlight the same on resumes (includes acronyms and synonyms)

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According to Google’s Berit Hoffmann, Product Manager, there’s a huge opportunity for technology which can help people work faster and eventually focus on people-centric tasks. This is the ultimate purpose of Hire, and the functions which have been recently added demonstrate their commitment to help companies focus on people and develop the best teams.
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