Experienced strategic partnership professionals Simon Gregory and Oliver Paull will take the lead when GO MO DBS, specialising in data-driven “outbound marketing”, establishes a new office in Covent Garden, London. The company will bring its demand & lead generation, content syndication and programmatic services to marketing agencies & publishers in the UK. The London office marks the first step of the GO MO brand expansion into the UK and Europe.

“GO MO DBS is an innovative company with a core belief that data is the key to everything our partners and their clients need. Demand and lead generation have largely been done the same way for over ten years and I believe the industry is ready for a change. Our aim at GO MO DBS is to take the lead with our unique service offering – Online Acceleration”, says Simon Gregory, Vice President at GO MO DBS in London.

GO MO DBS is an international digital marketing agency that helps B2B companies reach their target groups more effectively through data driven outbound marketing. The company is delivering market leading services to global partners that are leaders in their respective fields in APAC, LATAM, the Americas, Nordics, Europe & MENA. The new office in Covent Garden in London is the start of a long-term expansion journey.

“Our goal for the UK is to become a top five partner to all the major agencies and publishers. GO MO DBS has a unique service offering that drives significantly better outcomes for our partners and their clients. Our ‘data first’ approach ensures the quality, certainty, and transparency we know our partners need. Looking further into the future we plan to use the UK as a base for expansion into Europe”, says Simon Gregory.

As Vice President, Simon Gregory is responsible for taking GO MO DBS’s award-winning services to the UK market and other parts of Europe, while Account Director Oliver Paull will focus on building strategic partnerships and developing new sales channels.

“Having a 360-degree marketing offering in push/pull marketing in-house sets us apart. We don’t outsource any of our services which keeps with our full transparency model and provides consistency to our clients every time”, says Oliver Paull, Client Director at GO MO DBS in London.

GO MO DBS has created the unique marketing offering ‘Online Acceleration’, aimed at B2B clients, and made up of four services – Programmatic Marketing, Content Syndication, Email/Tele Services and Data Mining. The unique part is the way in which the services are used, making it a powerful tool to offer clients.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with any organisation that shares our values for a more engaging, connected, and transparent journey for buyers and sellers alike. In every partnership our principal aim is to support and add value to their engagements”, says Oliver Paull.

For More Information, Please Contact:
Oliver Paull, Client Director GO MO DBS in London, Phone: +44 7568 461583, Email:  op@gomogroup.com
Simon Gregory, Vice President GO MO DBS in London, Phone: +44 973 865028, Email:  sg@gomogroup.com