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Gaming Technology Trends in 2021

The year 2020 has not been very kind to many businesses and yet gaming industry has been one of the few to bloom during this pandemic. Lockdown and staying indoors have limited outdoor entertainment options, because of which gaming and esports attracted audience of almost all age group.  According to Statista forecasts, in 2021, the number of gamers could reach one third of the world’s population. Most of the players are from Asia – about 1.4 billion. It is followed by Europe with 386 million, Middle East and Africa with 377 million, Latin America with 266 million and North America with 210 million.

The market of computer and mobile games by the end of the year will reach $ 159.3 billion, following the Newzoo forecast. This is almost three times the market for other entertainment sources. It is estimated that by 2022 this market will grow up to $ 196 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 9% in 2018-2022

With the world still adjusting to the new normal, best gaming technology will continue to rise. Keep reading to know the gaming trends 2021.

Rapid growth in Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming bypasses all of the annoying issues faced by gamers like time required for downloading, system storage and compatibility for smooth working of the game. Instead of buying and downloading a game, with cloud computing you stream it.

Across gaming industry cloud based games have seen the most drastic popularity especially during pandemic. Cloud based gamers are increasing by the day at the same similar rate to that of Netflix subscribers in 2020. With the success of software-as-service (SaaS) and platform-as-service (PaaS) which has introduced the model adopted in gaming industry as Gaming-as-service (GaaS) the trend has spread rapidly. This will revolutionalize the gaming industry as many companies are planning to adopt this model in coming future.

The most beneficial feature of this model is that it will be compatible with any device and configuration allowing players to have uninterrupted online gaming experience. In short, the end users will be able to play online games on any device without affecting the performance of the gamer.

Also these systems will not need software updates as all the games will come updated and ready to play.

Technology is already making games more democratic. The new Xbox and PlayStation consoles are still favourite game sales from online services such as Amazon and Google is much higher than physical games. The cloud gaming industry is beneficial not only for consumers but also to the service providers. Services like PS Now, also gives Sony a valuable recurring revenue stream. Also Google Stadia, Playstation Now, or Playkey run resource-intensive applications which help them gain freedom from hardware limitation. Overcoming these hardware barriers will give the developers the creative freedom and also make gaming hussle free for the players. The cloud gaming scheme gives them the ability to outsource their computing needs to remote hardware.

As there is no need to download or install games the only requirement is high speed internet. In 2021 there will be exponential growth in hustle-free online play options.

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