ANZ-based Unity4 and software company Daisee have announced a direct partnership that combine Unity4’s advanced cloud contact centre solution and experience in WFH model with Daisee’s automated quality management solution for customer interactions. This solution will be powered by artificial intelligence and speech and text analysis.

This service will enable companies to quickly comprehend the quality of every customer interaction across 3 core pillars – Communication, Conduct and Compliance.

About Daisee and Unity4

Daisee, which stands for Deep Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Ecosystem, provides automated quality management solutions for customer interactions. It enables companies to see the deep hidden emotions beyond the words in interactions with customers. It helps in better decision making and problem solving by helping executives understand what the customer really is thinking, feeling and saying. Daisee has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Dallas (United States).

Unity4 offers advanced contact centre capabilities along with technology to people at home or office and is powered by cloud and driven by innovation. The tech company is proudly Australian and was founded in 2000. It operates in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. Their platform Rapport CMS is designed around home-based agents. It is one of the largest 100% at-home agent contact centres in the world and a leader in the end-to-end cloud-based call centre technology.

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More on the partnership and the automated quality management solution

Managing Director of Unity4 Contact Centre Technology, Craig Boorman says Unity4 works closely with the tech innovators and views Speech and Text Analytics and AI as pivotal in unlocking data to maximize customer interactions and help in staff management. Daisee is a thought leader and dynamic player in this space, says Mr Boorman. Combined with an easy to use and consume model, the decision to partner with them was a no-brainer as customers will be getting value from day one, he adds.

Founder & CEO of Daisee, Richard Kimber says Daisee has a unique approach towards improving quality and identifying critical areas of friction that lead to complaints and loss of customers. Daisee’s solution uses data from cloud communications so partnering with a leader in WFH solutions was a natural decision, says Mr Kimber. He adds that they are excited to partner with Unity4 to bring their solution seamlessly to more consumers across the ANZ, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Image Courtesy: Daisee