The growing popularity of the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is causing a lot of industries to change their way of operations. To be at par with this trend, Cognizant announced of acquiring Zenith Technologies, a giant life-sciences manufacturing technology.

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Zenith Technologies has expertise in the IoT domain, so this proposition made by Cognizant is surely a smart step. The two companies together share the same interest of helping clients to make complete use of technology in their manufacturing operations. This acquisition is said to be the first after Brian Humphries took charge as the chief executive officer of Cognizant.

Keeping reading to know about companies and the details of the acquisition.

About Zenith Technologies

Zenith Technologies is a life science manufacturing technology services company based in Ireland. It operates across 16 offices placed in five continents. The company strength goes up to 700 skilled engineers who mentor and support clients all around the world.

Zenith Technologies specializes in producing software systems for the life sciences industry. It also works towards delivering manufacturing execution systems, automation services, as well as process control solutions for the management and control of manufacturing plants to improve operational effectiveness.

Joe Haugh, Chief Executive Officer of Zenith Technologies said that it embarks to an exciting start for a company like them. He further went on to say, that watching the life science industry embrace digital transformation is a change in its own. This will lead to more flexible and efficient manufacturing facilities that will bring new treatments to the market at a much faster rate.

Cognizant Acquire Zenith

As Cognizant decides to join hands with Zenith Technologies, it aims to deliver a range of industry 4.0 capabilities in order to grow in the industry. Together, the companies plan to provide a range of services including, manufacturing execution systems, machine sensor, and controller instrumentation, factory design consultation, enterprise resource planning integration, along with other management services.

Acquiring Zenith Technologies will definitely help us expand our IoT portfolio. It will also make us become the single-source provider of end-to-end smart factory capabilities by extending our life sciences domain expertise to the industry, expressed Cognizant’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Humphries.

The officials at both organizations aim to deliver services that make full use of technology in developing life-saving drugs, specialized pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. The officials at Cognizant at looking forward to welcoming Zenith Technologies’ employees.

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With companies like Cognizant acquiring big firms like Zenith Technologies, IT service companies are seeing more clients in the life sciences sector. As processes are becoming complex than before, owing to research advances and increased demand for large-molecule biologics, it is enabling them to focus more on smart factories with production systems.

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