Reddit users now can share with Snapchat their favorite content from the site.

This is thanks to a new integration that enables sharing of text, link, and image-based posts on iOS from Reddit’s “Safe for Work” societies. 

The progress makes Snapchat the primary platform partner with which Reddit is experimenting content sharing integration.

The company states, and it hopes the result will be an inrush of younger users to the site.

The Popularity of Reddit

Unlike various social media platforms, Reddit has managed to skew a little more experienced when it comes to its user demographics. 

Reports from the Pew Research Center states that only 22% of U.S. adults aged 18 to 29 used the site.

This is compared with 34% of those 30 to 49, and 25% of those 50 to 64 and 19% were aged 65 and up, Pew discovered. 

While that special study was conducted a few years ago, a 2019 survey remains to show Reddit as one of the lesser-used online platforms between all U.S. adults, Pew observed.

And with a growing advertising business that is set to pass $100 million in revenues this year, Reddit requires to even out its user demographics and expand its overall usage to be competitive.

The Reddit snapchat collaboration | iTMunch

The Snapchat Collaboration

To apply the new sharing feature, Reddit users who have already installed Snapchat on their iOS device will be able to click the “Share” icon on posts in the Reddit iOS app, then choose the Snapchat option.

You can later decide to send the post to some friends or post it to your story so all your friends can view it. 

The content will show in Snaps and Snap Stories as a new sticker created precisely for this integration that adds the Reddit logo and source information.

If the viewer has also installed the Reddit app, they can swipe up on the Snap to see the post. 

In case they do not have the app installed, they will be led to the App Store to download it.

The launch follows Reddit’s $300 million funding round managed by China’s Tencent earlier this year, which estimated the site at $3 billion. 

This places Reddit in competition with Facebook and Google for internet ad dollars.

It is a challenge considering its user base has historically skewed older female and male, and other users are often anonymous.

The company announces the sharing feature will roll out to Android users very soon. 

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