IT service management company Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its new disaster recovery program in the ANZ region. Country Director Australia and New Zealand for Amazon Web Services Public Sector, Iain Rouse said the region is prone to natural disasters, from bushfires to droughts to floods and volcanic eruptions. It is vital for AWS to work along with partners and customers to help people respond to such crises and develop solutions that’ll help reduce the impact of such disasters, Rouse adds. AWS aims at helping the local and state governments, educational institutions and community organizations prepare better for man-made and natural disasters by minimizing the impact these might have on their critical IT systems. The disaster recovery system ‘AWS Project Resilience’ will help in organizations keeping data secure and safely backed up and readily accessible when needed.

About AWS Project Resilience

Part of the AWS Project Resilience supports organisations, like those on the front lines including fire, police and emergency responders, who play a critical role in ensuring the community’s resilience, by helping them manage the tech-based aspects of disaster preparedness. 

One of the many critical tasks in times of a disaster is to make sure data regarding people,  services and assets stays safe and accessible, even under threat, says Rouse. 

He adds that Data plays a key role in coordinating relief efforts, particularly when it relates to the locations of people in danger or to assets that are to be used in disaster response. For example, Project Resilience offers eligible education, small and medium organisations and local governments up to USD$5,000 in AWS credits. These credits can be used to offset the cost of storing their data securely on AWS. Meaning that even if computing equipment like laptops and servers are damaged or destroyed in a disaster, critical data is still safely and securely stored in the AWS Cloud and can be accessed easily by them at any time.

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Contribution of AWS towards disaster recovery

AWS Project Resilience extends the tech giant’s ongoing commitment to its customers, communities and partners in need, it is a commitment that has seen the unique logistics capabilities of Amazon and the innovative technologies of AWS used to help Aussie organisations on the front line of relief efforts, Rouse adds. 

During the 2019-2020 Aussie bushfire season, tech giant Amazon contributed to national community efforts via organisations like the Salvation Army Australia, the Australian Red Cross, rural and country fire services and WIRES. 

Rouse said that they’re obsessed with meeting the expectations of their customers and they know that improving their disaster resilience capabilities is a high priority for them. He concludes by saying that by taking immediate action through AWS Project Resilience, AWS can make an impact today by helping communities better respond to disasters while they continue creating and executing long-term solutions.

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