According to the latest business finance news from Reuters, Apple is planning to make changes to its app store. These changes are supposed to be released on its iPhone and iPhone X devices, and later might come to its other gadgets. This is possible due to the release of its iOS 11 system, which is being slated to be released on Tuesday, 19th Sept. The shipment of the new iPhones is slated to occur in the first week of November.

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The most distinct changes ever to take place in the App Store, this is the backbone of the services offered by Apple. These changes are expected to lead towards better finance in business prospects of the company. The store has brought in about USD 21.5 billion in revenue in the last nine months. This is about a 10% increase as compared to the revenue generated in the year before! It is estimated that the overall sales grew by about 5 percent. From these figures, it is definitely possible that the recent changes can bring in even more revenue as compared to the previous two years.

App store changes in iPhone X | iTMunch

The store is being re-designed to provide app developers extra space for images, text and other such material that describes their service. This is a positive step taken by the company to solve the issue of users being unable to search for specific apps unless they type in particular names or follow associated links. The new design is also expected to give more display space for games, as they are one of the largest revenue attractors for the Apple market – which is at least about 75% of the total revenue.

But, apart from these factors, the largest challenge for iOS 11, which would probably bring in a lot of money for the company, involves augmented reality apps. These AR apps bring in digital images that float all over the other material that has been captured in the real world.

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