Tech will always remain as one of the hottest industries to work for. With their fun and fabulous workspaces, superb salaries and mind-blowing perks, tech companies have become renowned and most sought after industry. Hence, it’s no surprise that a lot of tech companies are ranking high in top companies to work for.

According to the latest HR news, we have prepared the following 5 best tech companies to work for in 2018.


A lot of employees love working in this social media platform company owned by Mark Zuckerberg. With the benefits offered by the company going beyond salaries, it is no surprise that Facebook has topped the list of best tech companies to work for. The social media company has continued making it to this list for eight consecutive years and has been on the number one position over the past 3 years. Facebook offers various employee benefits such as quality amount of free food and drinks, free shuttle bus and bike services, vending machines filled with essential electronics etc along with an excellent work culture (Rolfe, 2018).


Everyone is familiar with Google, since it is the number largest search engines in the World Wide Web. Google provides its employees various benefits such as free food and party perks, offering massages, generous parental leave, opportunities for upward mobility and bonuses. Google is also famous for its excellent and open work culture. It is also one of only three companies to make the top 100 list every year since the past 10 years (Dickler, 2017).

Google's Office Location | iTMunch


Hubspot provide their employees with plenty of opportunities to grow and try out new things. This Boston based marketing software start up offers their employees unlimited vacation days, allowing pets in the office and offering free beer. The core cultural value of Hubspot is transparency as they encourage their employees to provide feedback and voice their opinions (Fleishman, 2017).

World Wide Technology

The core values of World Wide Technology include honesty, integrity and humility along with strong work ethic and good attitude (Dickler, 2017). WWT Inc is a technology service provider that aims to provide technology and supply chain services. They mainly focus on enterprise, commercial, public and telecom service provider sectors. With state-of-the-art architecture in their headquarters, extensive training programs and a profit-sharing plan World Wide Technology has become the fourth best tech company to work for.

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Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software is a Miami-based technology company which has newly entered the list of best places to work for in 2018.Ultimate Software specializes in human resources software solutions and covers 100 percent of employees‘ and their dependants’ health premiums. A whopping 92% of employees at Ultimate Software said that they would recommend working there to a friend and 98% said they approved the CEO.


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