What Is It?

Zoho People is an award-winning HR management platform. It won FinancesOnline Best HR Management Award for 2017 as well as the Supreme Software Award for 2015. Built as the HR software of Zoho’s full suite of business applications and tools for small and medium enterprises, Zoho People is a very simple and flexible HR platform that covers employee management operations, from records, time/attendance, and leave. Created to work out of the box, Zoho People is ideal for companies that want something that can be implemented easily and customized exactly to their needs and expectations.

Why Is It Useful?

Zoho People is built to virtually organize HR processes and make every HR workflow fast and simple. It is because of this that Zoho People has too many benefits to bring to the fray, most of them transforming HR management into an enjoyable experience.

Companies can use Zoho People to manage every single aspect of their workforce management, and do so from a centralized location. Employees are invited to insert information in a handy, self-service portal, and make it accessible any time, and from every location. Zoho People is, in fact, developed as a handy collaborative environment where employees and managers help each others, data is constantly updated, and redundancy is eliminated leaving nothing but accuracy for each and every workflow.

To make matters even better, Zoho People is integrated with the most popular Zoho productivity systems, and comes with open APIs and webhooks that make it fully scalable and customizable. In short, you can blend this platform into virtually any software infrastructure, and make it work with any business application you may be using at the moment.

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Zoho helps get new hires on board, and welcomes them with effective introductions, showing them how to make the most of their potential and how to develop. It will assist the company with running performance appraisal cycles to complete reviews in a systematic way, and offer features such as goal setting and tracking, 360-degree feedback, self-appraisal, and performance analytics. This is probably more than one would expect from a centralized database, but Zoho’s development team knew really well what they were doing connecting HR operations to attracting and retaining talent.


✓ App
✓ Leave Management
✓ Attendance Management
✓ Employee Self-Service
✓ Time Tracker
✓ Performance Management
✓ Roster Management
✓ Form Customization
✓ Centralized Employee Information
✓ Real-Time Collaboration
✓ E-signature
✓ HR Analytics

Pricing Plans

Zoho People offers five SMB and enterprise pricing plans designed to meet the needs of different users. Give the details a look, and select the best plan for your company:

  • Startup – €9/month – 5 Employees
  • Basic – €19/month – 10 Employees
  • Standard -€49/month – 25 Employees
  • Premium – €99/month – 50 Employees
  • Enterprise – €199/month – 100+ Employees