The ever-changing Internet advertising environment has driven publishers and advertisers to abandon manual approaches to acquire and sell ad inventory in favor of automation. However, programmatic advertising systems have recently become popular as the ultimate answer for exchanging digital ad space. According to eMarketer, programmatic will account for more than 88% of digital display ad spend (over $75 billion) in 2020.

What are these platforms, and who are the industry’s leading players? In this article, we’ll list the best programmatic advertising platforms for businesses in 2023. 

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe is a media powerhouse, and what is advertising, if not the display of media in many formats? Adobe Advertising Cloud is a platform that combines programming and media. It is the first independently owned and operated ad platform that has effectively unified and automated all media, screens, analytics, and creativity at scale.

The unbiased, transparent, and brand-safe Adobe Advertising Cloud makes use of data from several sources. It allows you to build unified, coordinated end-to-end ad stack campaigns while also providing Holistic Planning, Buying, Management, and Optimization.

Display and Video 360 by Google

Display and Video 360, abbreviated as DV 360, is a Google demand-side technology platform for buying and operating programmatic advertising. Advertisers may use DV360 to connect with a wide selection of publications in order to target a specific audience at the right price.

DV360 provides a plethora of Publishers with ad spaces on Google Ad Exchange and other ad exchanges and networks to which DV360 has direct access. Scalability, audience targeting, and end-to-end campaign management are among the main features of DV360.


SmartyAds is yet another great programmatic platform. SmartyAds provides a complete programmatic advertising technology stack, including a DSP, SSP, ad marketplace, and white-label solutions. SmartyAd’s DSP enables you to buy ad space across virtually all channels via numerous ad networks.

It also includes capabilities for brand safety, tracking, and more, as well as precise targeting choices and artificial intelligence-powered optimization.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is a big programmatic advertising network that works on the supply side to monetize the content of publishers.

Google Ad Manager serves almost 75% of ad impressions in the United States, making it a formidable partner for reaching your audience no matter where they spend their time online.

The amazing thing about Google Ad Manager is how simple it is for publishers to set up and begin delivering advertisements. It provides useful tools and analytics, but it is not known for always providing the best value (RPM).


MediaMath is a Demand Supply Platform for Advertisers that is designed for the now and the future. It provides comprehensive marketing control while also allowing marketers to work freely while yet delivering efficient and successful Omnichannel campaigns.

One of the best programmatic advertising platforms, MediaMath provides an improved user experience, a modernized Ecosystem, and an agnostic approach that supports any ID system ahead of the deprecation of third-party cookies.


Lotame is basically an ad exchange that connects marketers to customers across browsers and mobile CTV.

It provides outstanding audience management solutions by onboarding, analyzing, and modeling client segments utilizing data. This DSP platform enhances audience segments using publisher data, allowing marketers to buy off-the-shelf segments to maximize their marketing reach.

Lotame takes pleasure in becoming cookie-free in the future, which is a strong selling point for today’s businesses.


As technology evolves, we see an increase in the number of innovations in how company leaders promote their goods. It is now easier for internet businesses to purchase and sell ad spots to help their company develop, thanks to DSP platforms.

The beauty of these best programmatic advertising platforms is that they are completely technology-driven and bootstrapped with the specialty of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with only one aim in mind: engaging the proper audience.

Featured image source: Freepik