Yelp has revealed several upcoming changes, such as a more intuitive AI-powered search and the option to embed videos in reviews.

Under each business listing in search results, Yelp has included new snippets emphasizing information from reviews based on the user’s search intent. Under each park or facility found in a “tennis courts” Yelp search, you will now get review highlights concerning tennis courts, such as “there are tennis courts that you need to book in advance.”

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The Use of AI & Personalization

According to the corporation, AI is being used to improve search results based on a user’s search intent, which is not restricted by a user’s physical location. This may be useful when planning future activities far from your current location. Yelp now provides suggestions for local companies around the United States.

Yelp is also launching a new “Surprise Me” tool to provide personalized, highly-rated suggestions in your area. You may click the suggestion again if you are unsatisfied with the first one. This function could be useful when you’re hungry and need help knowing where to go.

You may now search for restaurants, food, and nightlife using the clickable category tags on business listings. The purpose of these subheadings is to assist you in narrowing your search.

Yelp Reviews With Videos

In addition to writing a review and uploading images, Yelpers may now include high-definition videos of up to 12 seconds in length. The firm claims that recordings may provide viewers an exclusive glimpse into your experience, whether a trek in a nearby park or a scenic vista from a hotel room.

Yelp is also introducing interactive review subjects that will keep you informed of your progress and prompt you to cover more ground if necessary. We’ll be discussing the cuisine, service, and ambiance. The purpose of these new engaging subjects is to serve as prompts for reviewers as they write their responses. Once you’ve finished working on a section, the topic’s checkbox becomes green at the top of your draft review. Yelp intends to increase the number of categories in which reviews are meaningful by adding new ones, such as “services,” “beauty,” “health,” and “shopping.”

New & Enhanced Review Responses

Now three review responses are available on the platform: helpful, humorous, and cool. Yelp is now introducing four additional responses to reviews: many people have said helpful, thanks, love, and oh no after reading this.

Other New Updates

Yelp has announced that in addition to its new AI-powered features and review updates, it will launch a new satisfaction guarantee program called “Yelp Guaranteed,” which would provide consumers up to $2,500 in compensation if their project is unsuccessful.

Yelp is also revamping the menu, amenities, ratings, and other sections of its restaurant, food, and nightlife business pages to make it simpler for visitors to discover the information they need quickly. By implementing AI-driven picture categories for restaurants and nightclubs and a new sort tool that makes it easy to find newly uploaded photographs, Yelp has also improved the photo viewing experience on business pages.

Finally, Yelp is launching a new login experience that does away with the need for users to enter their passwords repeatedly. Thanks to this change, Yelp now sends you a one-time email with a special URL you can use to log in safely and easily.

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Feature Image Source: Yelp