Many parts of the world came to a standstill for a moment when the death of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II was announced. We have all read and heard about her in books, news, and other forms of media. But did you know that Queen Elizabeth II was quite tech-savvy?

She saw several path-breaking tech inventions in her lifetime, including color television, smartphones, social media, and blockchain. It is safe to say that while her life was steeped in tradition; she did a fantastic job of keeping up with the latest technological advances during her reign. There is a strong reason she is also considered being Britain’s first high-tech monarch. 

She was not shy about technology and we have plenty of reasons to believe so. Read along to discover how her majesty embraced technology while staying true to her roots. 

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Queen Elizabeth II and her relationship with technology

Queen Elizabeth II was coronated in 1953, and her ceremony was the first ever to be televised. Besides, she was also an early adopter of the internet. She wrote and published her very first email when she visited the Royal signal and radar facility in Malvern, England. Rumor has it that her majesty never typed her own emails, but dictated them. 

Peter Kirsetin, a computer scientist from Britain helped the Queen to create and set up her account in 1976. Many say that he was the first person to introduce her to the internet. Wondering what the Queen’s username was? It was HME2. Any guesses on what it means? It stands for Her Majesty Elizabeth II. 

Her love and interest in technology were not limited to sending emails only. She launched the first interaction of the Royal family’s website in 1997. In fact, this was several years before the big media houses in the UK came online. 

Ten years after launching the website, the Queen launched a YouTube channel for the Royal Family in 2007. Today, the channel has around 2.28 million subscribers from around the world. It may come as a surprise, but the Queen was no stranger to social media. 

She maintained profiles on Twitter and Instagram as a member of the royal family. The Queen tweeted in 2014 in front of a live audience using the @Britishmonarchy Twitter account. She had tweeted through the “British monarchy” Twitter account, which has now been renamed to “The Royal Family.” What did she tweet? Her tweet read, “It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R. 

Take a look at her first Tweet and Instagram post below. 

There’s more. The Queen always kept up with the latest advances in technology. In fact, she even enjoyed using tech gadgets such as tablets and iPad. She also resorted to Zoom meetings during the pandemic frequently.

Although the Queen has left us, her legacy will continue to live on. 

Share your thoughts about the Queen’s interest in technology. Do you expect the Royal Family to make more use of technology in the future?

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