After building a successful track record in developing and implementing advanced payment platforms worldwide, UnionPay International (UPI) has some big news. The company introduced a QR code payment technology for merchants in the Australia and New Zealand regions. As an international payment network serving the world’s largest cardholder base, UnionPay will launch the new technology in response to the growing demand by users and merchants for easy, frictionless and safe mobile payment systems. This increase comes as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic that’s presently gripping the world.

UnionPay Expands to Australia & New Zealand

Currently, UnionPay’s QR code payment is accepted by over 30 million merchants across 41 countries and regions globally. It made its debut 2017, in compliance with the EMV specifications to offer higher interoperability and security. Additionally, UnionPay launched the UnionPay app the same year. The UnionPay app is a one-stop-shop mobile payment app featuring the UnionPay QR code payment function. It also offers a platform for savvy merchants to expand their customer reach by offering special shopping offers and discounts to UnionPay cardholders. 

Now retailers in Australia and New Zealand will be able to provide easy ‘scan & go’ payments that are enabled through the offering for the safety of their customers and staff. UnionPay App users as well as hundreds of UnionPay-powered e-wallet products worldwide can quickly and easily pay merchants accepting UnionPay QR codes.

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About UnionPay App

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The UnionPay mobile application is a unified mobile payment portal offered by China’s banking industry. It has been developed and launched by UnionPay along  with commercial payment and banking institutions in China. This app integrates the mobile payment functions along with special services and benefits of different banks and institutions. It helps provide convenient and secure one-stop mobile payment services for users.

Today, UnionPay app users can enjoy convenient and safe mobile payment services. This includes QR code-based payments and contactless payments. Also, app users can easily make tap & go contactless payments at more than 4.4 million POS terminals.

According to Dr Jian Jiangtao, a payment solutions and innovative product development expert from UnionPay International’s South Pacific team who leads the company’s operations, the system has gained more popularity in recent months. He stated that QR codes can be scanned using the most popular smartphone devices, claiming that the payment system is more cost-effective for SME merchants. He also added that while overseas use of the QR code payment method has only gone up recently, it has always been a popular mobile payment method since its launch as an option integrated within the UnionPay app, which offers great shopping incentives. Jiangtao said QR codes offer the ultimate contactless payment convenience as all the shopper needs to do is open the app, scan the retailer’s unique QR code and the payment is completed in a second. The shopper doesn’t have to touch anything other than their phone.

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UnionPay QR Code Payment

The UnionPay QR code payment offers the option of receiving and paying P2P, P2B and B2B funds via QR code. This also includes value-added services. It mainly provides helpful solutions for cash withdrawal, spending and transferring money. The app has two modes: the Pull Mode (in which merchants can use a QR code reader to scan the code in customers’ App to initiate payment) and the Push Mode (in which purchasers can use the mobile App to scan the code presented by merchants to initiate payment).

UnionPay Mobile QuickPass

The UnionPay Mobile QuickPass service incorporates both online in-app payment with mobile devices and offline contactless and QR code payment. The service includes mobile payment products of Apple, Huawei, HCE, OPPO, Meizu, MI, Samsung, and Vivo mobile payment products. The mobile quick pass also offers multiple security measures and better user experience. The UnionPay Mobile QuickPass service has adopted NFC and Token technologies. This enables offline contactless payment via mobile devices, and also supports QR code-based and in-app payments, which makes payment easier and safer.

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