Global app income extends to rise, thanks to the increase in mobile gaming and the subscription economy.

The Battle Between App Stores

During the third quarter of 2019, customer revenue rose 22.9% year-over-year from $17.9 billion to approach an estimated $21.9 billion over both the App Store and Google Play worldwide.

Distinctly, the App Store remains to account for the vast majority of this revenue, moving up 65% of overall spending compared with just 35% on Google Play.

App Store users paid $14.2 billion, up 22.3% from the $11.6 billion they spent in Q3 2018. 

Google Play made $7.7 billion in revenue, up 24% from the $6.2 billion consumed in the year-ago quarter.

Even App Annie estimated approximately 31 billion downloads in Q3, while Sensor Tower claimed 29.6 billion.

In both facts, Google Play is, however, said to be the chief source for downloads, with almost three times more first-time installs than the App Store. 

In Q3, the entire number of downloads was up 9.7% year-over-year to 29.6 billion, announced Sensor Tower, with Google Play valuing for 21.6 billion of those.

Despite the overall growth, Sensor Tower found that one big app market, China, who saw a slight drop. 

Its installs fell 6% year-over-year to 2.2 billion in the quarter. 

But its income grew by 26.9% to $4.1 billion, up from $3.2 billion in the previous year. 

This can be credited to the nine-month game license freeze in China which is now lifted, had reduced momentum.

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Highest Non-Game Applications

The highest money-making non-game app in the quarter was again Tinder.

It made $233 million in user spending, up 7% over the previous quarter. 

Netflix was ranked No. 2 and YouTube clocked in at No. 3, at $164 million in Q3.

In words of downloads, TikTok is proceeding to disrupt Facebook-owned apps’ dominance covering the top of the charts. 

According to Sensor Tower’s rankings, WhatsApp was No. 1 and Messenger was No. 3.

Since Facebook and Instagram lowered to No. 4 and No. 5, respectively, TikTok entered at No. 2.

Highest Game Downloads

Game downloads over both Google Play and the App Store rose by 17.6% in Q3 of 9.5 billion last year to 11.1 billion.

PUBG Mobile was the top-earning game with $496 million in profits, up by 652% last year. 

The No. 2 ranking, Tencent’s Honor of Kings, and No. 3 Aniplex’s Fate/Grand Order produced $377 million and $354 million, individually.

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