Spotify’s yearly “Wrapped” feature, which enables listeners to look back on their favorite music from the year, is growing in 2019 to include a whole decade’s value of favorite tunes, the company announced. 

Besides, the feature is for the initial time being made accessible to podcasters, in addition to Spotify users and Spotify artists.

The Story of Wrapped 

“Wrapped” has become one of Spotify’s major awaited releases among those who use the service frequently, as it enables users to explore their top songs, top artists, top genres and times heard for the year. 

Several users also like to share their “Wrapped” conclusions on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

As 2019 moves to a close, Spotify is giving its yearly version of the personalized “Spotify Wrapped,” as well as a unique one that showcases your listening records through the last decade. 

That indicates your Wrapped will add the songs, artists, albums, and podcasts you found on Spotify in 2019, plus the artists you streamed across the past decade, by a “My Decade Wrapped” option.

Distinctly, Spotify’s leading rival Apple Music last month started its multi-year retrospective, with “Replay,” a personalized playlist of your best songs by year.

 Replay is pretty much like Wrapped, except that it involves playlists for every year you have subscribed to Apple Music, retroactively.

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The Latest Version of Wrapped 

Spotify’s launch of “My Decade Wrapped” is meant to be a competing offering.

This year, the feature is for the initial time being combined directly in the Spotify app, in addition to being accessible on the web at, as before. 

It is further now highlighting how global users’ listening ways are, by displaying your top artists on a world map.

Plus, new this year is an extension of “Wrapped” to podcasters.

Previously, Spotify artists had their version of “Wrapped,” which enabled them to discover how their music reached fans across the world, accessible through the Spotify for Artists dashboard. 

This year, podcasters will receive their personal “Wrapped,” available through Spotify for Podcasters.

Spotify states that podcast consumption increased on the platform in 2019, and the platform witnessed a 39% rise in podcast consumption in the last quarter alone. 

Now, there are more than 500,000 podcasts on Spotify, over more than 75 countries and territories, the company states.

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