As per the latest marketing news, the Hybris Marketing Cloud service by SAP is using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as machine learning particularly. This can help retailers be more informed and properly make their marketing decisions regarding their targets. This artificial intelligence is being mainly used to render facial recognition in the field of retailing.

SAP, a German software giant, came out with this news during the SAP Hybris LIVE global summit in Barcelona. The facial recognition can help retailers promote in-store sales and make both online as well as regular retailing work properly.

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The system is being operated by SAP Leonardo’s machine learning. Jackie Palmer, the global vice president of Strategy and Solution Management at SAP Hybris says that the facial recognition system has laid a foundation for an intelligent and personalized shopping experience. Everything from demographic factors like gender and age to eye colour, hair colour and clothes worn are analyzed by the recognition system. This is done by reading clues about the customers while they shop, and based on this analysis, personal recommendations can be provided.

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For example, according to the recent marketing and advertising news by E Week, a shopper with a particular eye colour can be guided towards clothes having matching colours along with a sense of appropriate style. Apart from these factors, other information such buying trends, customer interactions and personalized offer recommendations are also possible.

In the context of data security and privacy, SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud entirely supports EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. These regulations would apply to companies doing businesses in particular regions and help keep customer data in safe hands.

Apart from this system, the new SAP Hybris Customer Attribution is a new solution that generates an accurate measurement of marketing campaigns. This can surely go hand in hand with the facial recognition system. A new Digital Boardroom is being tailored to the needs of CMO’s (chief marketing officers) that would join the portfolio of getting in better business intelligence.