In the latest IT-related news; Pixel has continued to be the best android phone you can buy, consistently for 2 years now. It comes as no surprise that the company which writes for Android is ranking number one in the best android phones you can buy list. Pixel is capable of giving its users an iPhone update like experience with a complete software package and super fast UI performance, making it an ideal Android phone.

Currently, Google is also working on its hardware; the new custom imaging chips sounds is expected to be interesting and innovative. The performance of Pixel 2 is considered really special since it helps you have a cohesive and unified UI in the OS. Google’s optimization has enabled it to have an unbelievable performance making it the smoothest Android phone in the market.

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However, the downside of using Pixel 2 is that it does not consist of 3.5mm headphone jack, has a grainy display which makes it look bad in the dark and has unnecessarily setup a front-facing speaker.

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While the downside is not a major concern, the main features of AMOLED display, Snapdragon 821 processor, 4 GB RAM,  plenty onboard storage and long-lasting batteries have made it a premium and one of the best android phones in the market.

Although the design of these phones is not great and pretty vanilla, the Pixel and Pixel XL still have excellent cameras and along with this Google has provided free lifetime storage in Google photos for all the photos and videos for its users. This phone would also get a regular and pure updated version of Android.

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