Talent Hiring Using Analytics

According to the latest HR news, Outmatch, a talent acquisition company that deals with predictive analysis, is acquiring Pompello, a company that uses analytics to properly understand a business’ cultural stance with respect to the employees hired. This news is expected to boost the hiring of top talent, refine the employee journey, and maintain interest levels of businesses in their office. In this manner, this merger is expected to increase the profit levels for clients and their organizations.

Outmatch acquires Pompello, a company that uses analytics to improve talent acquisition | iTMunch

The CEO and President of OutMatch, Greg Moran, says that the acquisition between both the firms is expected to recognize the growing importance how an employee might culturally fit in an organization so that companies can build respectively strong and creative workforce to achieve desired work productivity and success. According to him, Pompello can certainly contribute towards OutMatch’s capabilities with regard to predictive analysis and actionable workforce insights generation. He believes that OutMatch can now do a great job in cultural engagements and open up several directions for future hiring opportunities.

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Moran further says that getting the strengths of OutMatch in talent selection and employee development along with Pompello’s expertise in improving culture is a perfect match. And this certainly would be a great step towards achieving how organizations work from an overall perspective.

Taking about Pompello, this company was formed in the year 2012 to understand exactly what employers while assembling their workforce. To speak in a bit of detail, the company uses data analytics that can exactly categorize a company’s work culture. This all is done on the basis of employee inputs regarding perceived core values, respective motivating factors and analysis of received data. The company believes that a steady assessment of these aspects can help employers improve their HR approach.

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