NVIDIA has the latest family of Android TV-based streaming devices, as inclined early via a couple of leaks from online stores. 

The new NVIDIA Shield TV ($149) and Shield TV Pro ($199) substitute the current Shield TV generation of hardware, which started in 2017. 

Both new Shields give new Tegra X1+ processors, which exceed the predecessor chip by around 25 per cent and make likely one of this Shield’s new highlight features. 

Shield TV Review

Shield TV is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone seeing to get the best possible experience available in an Android TV home theatre device. 

NVIDIA has undoubtedly done a lot to examine the market, look at everything that has come out in the two years since it last refreshed this hardware.

AI Upscaling

Main among the additions NVIDIA has done here is the AI upscaling made feasible with the new Tegra X1+ chip.

NVIDIA has approached this with on-device 4K upscaling, which is powered by on-device machine intelligence.

This has been prepared on a broad neural network to turn both 720p and 1080p signs into much sharper, 4K-equivalent images.

New and Improved Remote

NVIDIA is sending the new Shield TVs with a brand-new redesigned remote in the box. 

There is a dedicated ‘Netflix’ button, which is a gentle touch, but the remote overall is just an enhancement over both Shield remotes prior and other competing remotes, in every way. 

It is powered by AAA batteries involved, and it has a unique pyramid-shaped body design that makes it simpler and more comfortable to hold.

NVIDIA Shield TV | iTMunch

Simple physical design

The design of the device is not showy, but it is smart. 

There is an Ethernet port, a power connector, an HDMI port and a micro SD card slot, crossing over both ends of the tube. 

This executes it perfect for putting behind a console or media bench, on the floor or near to your other power cables.

Bottom Line

NVIDIA’s new Shield is an excellent option for anyone looking for a handy streaming device, with access to all of Google’s Play Store apps for Android TV, and help for the latest AV standards. 

Its actual bonus advantage is that AI upscaling, which is something that NVIDIA is poised to do well.

And which works a long way in securing that $149.99 price point look like a great value.

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