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Medbelle offers an end-to-end platform for medical procedures. It is a London and Berlin-based startup which has managed to raise $7 million in Series A funding. Read on to find out more about what Medbelle does and their plans for the world of digitized medicine.

What is Medbelle?

Medbelle started with the aim to digitize the patient journey in 2016. The company was founded by Leander de Laporte and Daniel Kolb. The duo wants to change the way medical treatments are provided to patients and make them more modern, convenient and consumer-centric.

Medbelle lets its patients book the medical procedures they want to go through with the help of its web and app-based platform. Medbelle has been likened to a digital hospital.

What Medical Procedures are Included on the Medbelle Platform?

The medical treatments currently include cosmetics, bariatrics and ophthalmology. There are plans of expansion into the orthopaedics and fertility treatment sector. The platform only caters to private patients as of now, but there are talks of it working with UK’s National Health Service as well as the private and public health insurance providers to increase their reach.

According to Leander de Laporte, the company’s vision is to create an environment in which all patients are able to navigate their treatment journey on their own, digitally, as well as receive the personal care and attention they need at the drop of a hat. He says, “There is a massive lack of digitization and patient care for medical procedures and little sight of someone changing this entirely. This results in a lack of quality and price transparency, bad communication and patients feeling left alone and neglected in their treatment journey”. He also believes that there are lack of tools to operate efficiently, which results in frustration among the healthcare providers and operational hiccups.

What Does Medbelle Offer?

The offering includes the Medbelle Platform, Medbelle OS and Medbelle Care. All three try to give patients control over their provision. The aim is to also give healthcare providers the tools that are needed to complete their entire treatment journey right from the first consultation to the follow-ups. Their procedure booking comes with a list of prices and selection of pre-vetted specialists at state-of-the-art operating facilities organized by Medbelle. The patients book their procedure and register on the platform, and after this, each and every aspect of their treatment is accessible through a single web portal and application, or through their personal Medbelle Care Adviser.

The Funding and the Future of Medicine

The Series A funding round was led by Signals Venture Capital, which is the venture capital fund of the major German health insurer Signal Iduna. Talis Capital, Mutschler Ventures, IBB and Cavalry Ventures were participants as well.

Leander de Laporte agrees that it is time for a digital-first and more integrated offering when it comes to medical treatments. With the obvious move towards a more digital and consumer-centric future, healthcare should not fall behind. As an integrated treatment provider, Medbelle gives the patients and doctors all they need from a single source. The technology and services are built for every single step on the way to a satisfactory treatment process. It will also be a more transparent process because the patients will have access to all the treatment options to compare and select the best one for them. Medbelle also automates a lot of processes and cuts operational costs.

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