Technology is all around us. It is impossible to imagine a world without technology. As we take strides to turn our lives around with technology, new innovations greet us each day. There is little doubt that technology is making a huge impact across different fields, and the sports sector is no exception. 

Sports tech and sports innovations have come at a brisk pace over the past couple of decades. Each year, we are seeing more and more investors pour their money into the global sports tech ecosystem to capitalize on the growing use of technology across different sports. 

Sports tech events are being hosted in different cities of the world. Such events are a perfect marriage between the sports industry and technology. There are some really exciting sports tech events and conferences we are looking forward to this year (and we know you are too). 

Without wasting much of your time, let’s take a look at some of the unmissable sports tech events in 2022.

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Sports tech events in 2022

1. Global Sportstech Summit 2022

When: 22nd February 2022

The Global Sportstech Summit 2022 is one of the most important and influential events within the sports tech sector. The event primarily focuses on exploring and discussing the current opportunities and trends in the sports tech industry.

The event will feature a lineup of notable speakers including:

  • Peter Hutton, Director of Sports and Partnerships (Meta)
  • Robert Klein, CEO (Bundesliga)
  • Bradford Ross, VP Global Sports, and Entertainment Marketing and Partnership (CocaCola)
  • Jorge de la Vega, Commercial and Marketing Director (LaLiga)
  • Celine Del Genes, General Manager (Adidas)

Some of the other names that are part of this stellar list of speakers include Javier Sobrino, Christian Lau, Guy Laurent Epstein, and Yan Ketelers. 

The General ticket is available for free of cost. Ticket holders will have access to startup case studies, keynote presentations, and an opportunity to meet more than 120 startups in the sports tech sphere. 

The VIP ticket will cost you around $350 but it is absolutely worth it. VIP ticket holders will get a chance to attend an NFT Minting Workshop. Some of the other benefits include access to VIP Lounge with over 400 industry leaders, a ticket to Metaverse Live Demo, a free Metaverse consultation session, and more. 

2. Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2022

When: March 4th & 5th, 2022

The 16th edition of the annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Seize The Data is taking place on March 4th and 5th this year. 

We are in for a treat as more than 150 renowned speakers will highlight the innovations in the sports field and also speak about the potential opportunities. Besides, more than 200 research papers will be submitted along with more than 40 hours of workshops. 

Some of the leading names in the sports business, analytics, and technology will hit the stage in this event. These include:

  • Sue Bird, Point Guard (Seattle Storm)
  • Marie Donoghue, Vice President of Global Sports Video, Amazon
  • Renie Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer, and Executive Vice President, NFL Partnerships
  • Nate Silver, Statistician, Founder of FiveThirtyEight
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO (VaynerMedia)

Some of the key topics that will be covered in this event are Power of Athletics on Society, In the Trenches of Football Analytics, Future of the Fan, Soccer Analytics, and more. 

The event is sponsored by some heavyweights including ESPN, Oracle, Kagr, StatsBomb, Sigma, Hive, Bose, Catapult, and more. Click here to view all the sponsors of the event. 

3. Sports Tech Global Conference

When: 26th May 2022

The mission of this event is very straightforward and that is to drive global change via innovation and advanced tech transformation in the sports sector. 

The even is a perfect platform for youth groups around the world, allowing them to become leaders in their chosen fields. It will pave the way for positive change and also engage societies and communities across different groups from around the world. 

Sports Tech Global is primarily built on the foundation of three pillars of philanthropy, technology, and people. The event will bring together all these domains together. 

We will see a lot of state-of-the-art technology on display, charities involved in the sports tech arena, and other interesting developments. 

4. SportsTech 2022

When: 7th July 2022

As mentioned earlier, digital transformation is creating waves in the sports industry. It has opened up the doorways to new and innovative ways to interact and engage with fans.

Today, coaches and sports scientists have access to more athlete information than ever before. This has allowed athletes to work in conjunction with coaches and take their performance to the next level. 

SportsTech 2022 is one unmissable sports tech even in 2022 as we will witness a day’s worth of insightful, engaging, and highly interesting discussions pertaining the future of the sports business. 

If you are involved in commercial operations, finance and revenue, media and communications, sports science, marketing and loyalty, technology and analysis, fan engagement, and retention, you should definitely attend this virtual sports tech event. 

Registrations are now open and the best part about it is that all the earnings from ticket sales will be given to charities, Food Banks, and other organizations that fight childhood hunger in many communities across Europe. 

Do not miss SportsTech 2022 if you are an ardent sports tech enthusiast. 

Wrapping it up!

Business people in a casual meeting

While we have not covered all the sports tech events that will be held in 2022, we have covered the major ones. 

The sports industry is sitting on a tech volcano that is likely to explode in the upcoming years. We are seeing more and more sports tech startups coming up from different parts of the world.

As the sports tech sector continues to grow, we are expected to see more and more such events take place each year. These events provide an exceptional opportunity for those involved in the sports tech industry to interact, engage, and widen their horizons. 

Are you interested to learn more about sports tech? Do you have any other events in mind that we could feature in our content? Leave your comments to let us know. 

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