The 280-character platform Twitter is currently rolling out a unique feature that will allow users to share their tweets directly to Instagram Story. Twitter users will get an option to share their tweets to their IG Stories in the menu when they tap on the share icon on the tweet. On Instagram Story, the tweet will be posted as a sticker.

In a post announcing the innovative feature, Twitter said “We know people share Tweets to their communities on other social media apps, and we’ve made it easier for people to share Tweets on Instagram Stories.”

More on the Twitter’s new feature

The microblogging platform began testing this new feature with a small set of iOS device users in December 2020 along with another feature that allows users to share tweets directly on their Snapchat Stories. 

“Skip the screenshots, sharing Tweets to IG Stories right from the share menu is now rolling out to everyone on iOS! Tap the share icon on a Tweet and select “Instagram Stories,” said Twitter at that time.

Twitter is now expanding the feature of sharing tweets to IG Story to all iOS users. As of now, Twitter has not rolled out this feature to Android users. For now, Android users will only be able to only share tweet links in Instagram Direct Messages.

Once users open their Instagram app, they will be able to resize and reposition the Tweet sticker before posting, according to the official Twitter support account. 

According to Mashable, the social media platform is allowing the feature that allows users to share a tweet to their Instagram Stories with just a couple of steps. Most users might be familiar with the steps if they share their IG Stories on Facebook often.

It is important to remember that protected tweets cannot be shared to Instagram Stories.

How to share a Tweet on your Instagram Story

Step 1 

Ensure you have the Instagram app installed on your smartphone. Log into your IG account.

Step 2 

Open up the Twitter for iOS application. Tap on the share icon on any public Tweet.

Step 3 

Tap the Instagram icon 

Step 4 

Twitter for iOS app will close on your phone and a new Story draft on the Instagram app will appear.

Step 5 

The Tweet appeared as draft will be moveable and resizable. It will be displayed as a sticker to share on Instagram Stories.

Step 6 

You will be able to share the Tweet with a single person, all of your followers or even a group.

The microblogging platform will ask users for permission before launching the Instagram app on their phones. Once the users land on the Stories page on Instagram, they’ll see that the tweet they have picked now has neatly rounded corners and an easy-on-the-eye card-like design to it.

Would users on IG be able to engage with the tweet? No. The card does not really give an option of opening the Tweet on Twitter. So, if the user wants to engage with the Tweet or open it, they would  still have to open the Twitter app and find their way through. 

Moreover, the share feature on Twitter will only allow users to share their tweets to Instagram Stories and not as an Instagram Post.

So, at least for now., if users want to share it on their profile, taking a screenshot is the only way. Nonetheless, the update comes as a pleasant surprise and definitely eases the process of sharing tweets on Instagram Stories. It might also surely help users reduce clutter of unnecessary Tweet screenshots in their photo gallery. 

In other news, Twitter announced recently it has fixed a bug that was showing users muted words from users they follow. 

Twitter said “We’ve fixed a bug that allowed muted words to show from people you follow. Now when you mute a word from your Home timeline, it’ll be muted from everyone –– regardless of whether you’ve also muted it from Notifications for anyone or people you don’t follow.”

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Instagram may let you post directly from desktop

Instagram on laptop | iTMunch

Separately, photo sharing social media platform Instagram might soon allow users to post from their computers. Through this feature, which is currently being tested, users will get the ability to post using their web browser on their desktop. 

After years of majorly focusing on its mobile application, Instagram is finally thinking about allowing its users to post from their PCs. To see if this test feature is live for you, you can open Instagram in a web browser and look for the iconic ‘+’ (plus) sign in the icon tray on top right corner.

This test feature is in the latest desktop product of Instagram after the social media platform added the feature of viewing stories on the web (in 2017) and the DM feature to desktop in 2019.

In March 2021, Instagram launched ‘Live Rooms’ in its app. Through Live Rooms, creators get the ability of going ‘Live’ on Instagram with 3 more creators. Essentially, through Instagram Live Rooms, up to 4 creators can host a Live session together at once. 

Previously, the platform  allowed users to go live with just 1 more person through its Instagram Live feature. Now, IG will let users double up on their live broadcast.

The feature came around at the time of launch of Clubhouse, which is an invite-only voice-based social media platform on which people worldwide can come together and discuss. People can listen to these conversations and learn from each other. Clubhouse majorly gained popularity after Elon Musk hosted rooms on the app.

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