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In this technological era where technological advancements are a must, most companies face significant challenges. Companies lack the constant innovation factor and thus get replaced by other companies coming up new products and services. The companies that are at the top of their game have the advantage of possessing skilled labor and a strong market position. It has been observed that companies are emerging to be successful because of their investments in various sectors.

One such company that has been a market leader and is still coming up with varied innovations is Google. It is the most famous tech giant which literally controls the internet. Every other person who uses the world wide web is aware and well versed with Google. Internet users are highly benefited by this brand because all it’s products and services are extremely useful. It manages to innovate with the kind of inclination that most startups/ companies look upto. Google has undertaken projects and innovated products that are not only ambitious but also game changing proving to be successful and impacting the market in a whole different way.

Google’s Secret to Continuous Innovation

Looking at Google’s nature of overpowering their own set of introduced products, it has a defined pattern that allows them to do so. The successful run that the brand has had in the market is because of the on-going innovations done. Google is said to be different from other companies as it does not rely on just one strategy. But deploys a number of them to create a powerful and intricate innovation ecosystem that ultimately enables them to roll out dozens of innovations.

Committed Research

The deep learning initiative that Google has in its DNA is because of their fierce commitment for research. Their spirit of discovery is a special characteristics on which the brand functions. The company was started based on a research project conducted by its founders. Every year Google invests billions of dollars on research and development and their serious commitment to discovery continues.

People Centric Approach

Google functions on a people centric approach and focuses on liberating individuals which helps them to come up with innovative ideas. The brand allows all its employees to be creative and have their own strong sense of work approach by providing them with an accurate setting. All this and more helps people working for the brand to focus on their goal of succeeding together and get better each day.

Internal Revolution

The one thing that helps Google grow at the speed that it does is data. Data is a very important aspect for a company and Google has a lot of it. The other element that has helped Google to succeed is fast computing. The distributed computing process aids the company to adapt machine learning on a quick pace. This internal revolution pattern of the brand has helped it to launch its first machine learning system called DistBelief.

Feedback Loop

The most interesting part of all Google’s processes is along with research, development, demonstration and deployment, equal importance is given to feedback. This enables the brand to keep the innovation loop rolling and at the same time identify fruitful research areas for further studies. Since feedback from the users is given primary importance, Google is able to come up with novel innovative ideas that prove to be beneficial to the users always.

Journey Of Google Products

Google as a brand has envisaged it’s own journey of becoming a world class brand. But that’s not how it has always been. The brand when introduced in the market, started small and then later went on to become the huge asset that it is known to be now. After a run of 20 years in the market, it has become a massive enterprise with $75 billion in revenues and over 60,000 employees.

In these years of continuous competition, the brand has introduced an array of products belonging to different domains. It launched itself with the core search business and the android operating system to a varied businesses like autonomous cars. Most of Google’s products are primarily related to the internet. All the products and services provided by the brand highly function on artificial intelligence. The company’s plan is to enter spaces of the users daily lives by gather as much personal data with the help of AI. Google’s prime factor that aids all of its innovations boils down to deep learning.

Benefits of Using Google Products

Cost Effective

Most of Google products are extremely pocket friendly yo use. The basic usage of all its products can be done for free by just installing them from the play store. The applications/products required for business and other intricate uses are available at minimum prices.

Large Storage Space

This is one of the primary reason why Google products are preferred over others because everything done using the products gets saved on the cloud. Which means the storage space available to save all the data is huge. Users are benefited by this and manage to safeguard of their data in a single space.

Built-in Spam Detection

Protecting data from all kinds of spams and viruses is important for users. Google products are designed in a way that have built in spam detection functionalities that enables users to save all their important data without worrying about their data getting leaked.

Up time Reliability

Google products are equipped with extremely strong and reliable data centers. In case one of users system is enable to serve some request, another data center comes to rescue for an uninterrupted flow of service. This enables usability easier and much faster.

List of All Google Products

Android, Chrome & Play

  1. Android
  2. Android Enterprise
  3. Chrome
  4. Google Play
  5. Wear OS by Google

Collaboration & work

  1. Docs
  2. Drive
  3. Gmail
  4. G Suite
  5. Hangouts
  6. Sheets

Google Cloud

  1. Chrome Enterprise
  2. Google Cloud
  3. G Suite


  1. Chromecast
  2. Google Clips
  3. Google Home
  4. Google Wifi
  5. Pixel
  6. Pixel book

Search & Explore

  1. Earth
  2. Maps
  3. News
  4. Search
  5. Translate


  1. ARCore
  2. Expeditions
  3. Google Lens

Ads & Analytics

  1. Google Ad Manager
  2. Google Ads
  3. Google Marketing Platform
  4. Google Analytics products

Other Products

  1. Duo
  2. Flights and Hotels
  3. Google Assistant
  4. Google Pay
  5. Photos
  6. Google Fi
  7. YouTube


Read the latest blog titled 'How Google Innovates: The Roadmap of Excellence' on iTMunch

Top Google Products to Use

Google being a huge brand has come up with a range of products that fall into different sectors of the market. But some of its products have proven to be useful in day to day life, making the use of internet and all its related components simpler. The list includes:

  1. Google Search
  2. G Suite
  3. Google Chrome
  4. Gmail
  5. Google Maps
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google Play Music
  8. Android
  9. Google Pixel
  10. Google Home
  11. Google Duo

A closer look into the top products listed above will help users to learn about each product individually. Thus making it easier for them to choose the products for their own benefits.

Google Search

Search is the core product that the entire brand is based on. It is the most used search engine tool used on the world wide web. Google Search functions in a way that helps users to find places, things and even facts if required. It also avails the option of customized search for better output of results. The product also offer regional search with its 189 regional level domains. Since its launch, Google Search notices to have over 3 billion searches each day. The main purpose of the product is to look for text in publicly accessible documents offered by web servers to help its users.

G Suite

G Suite is one product of Google that helps business users. It enables companies to conduct email hosting. It is basically a whole package of cloud-base services that enables businesses to work together online. G Suit is not just limited to email. It also enables users to have video conferences, online chat, social media, real-time document collaborations, and much more. Once a company purchases G Suite, all the other features and services related to the product can be used by them. For business users using this product becomes a primary mode of sharing information with the entire organization at once.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser launched by Google. It has an intuitive and well organized layout that makes it extremely user friendly. Even if the browser is supposedly new, it goes to compete with major browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to name a few. This web browser works across all types of devices. It is extremely easy to use as everything is marked with icons for directing the user in the right direction. Google Chrome also lets its users to bookmark pages from the toolbar, thus making the users process of searching things easier.


Gmail by Google is a free web-based email service. It allows its users with a several gigabytes of storage of messages that enables them to search specific messages as and when required. This product being completely free in nature enables businesses to use for internal as well as external communications. Gmail also automatically organizes successively related messages into a conversational thread. It is known to be one of the best in the market since it has built in spam detection capabilities. Thus enabling spam filtration and saving time f the users.

Google Maps

Maps founded by Google is a web based mapping service. This offer satellite imagery along with 360 degree panoramic street views. Google Maps are made available on mobile devices as well as desktops. The top functions of a Google Maps are:

  1. Get transportation directions
  2. Creating a map
  3. Measuring distance and ETA
  4. Mixing maps information
  5. Finding your location
  6. Setting routes
  7. Getting traffic information
  8. Verbal instructions
  9. Location sharing
  10. Location editing

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that aids companies in generating detailed statics about an activity on their website. It is a product that helps in analyzing visitor traffic and get to know the needs of their audience and on what level do they stand on the stage of purchasing. This product proves extremely useful for companies to know the actual likeliness of their product among the audience. With the growing use of internet, the implications of Google Analytics are huge in all areas.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the music and podcast streaming service operated by Google. It offers its users with up to 50,000 song files for free. Once users install the app from the play store, they can listen through Google Play Music web player and mobile apps. This product has the ability to scan a user’s collection and match the files to tracks in Google’s catalog. This makes users to look for songs of their taste easily. Google Play Music allows users to stream or download songs up to 320 kbit/s quality.


Android is an open source operating system lead by Google. It is a product that can be used on mobile phones, tablets and a varied range of devices including from wearable computing to in-car entertainment. It is known to be world’s most popular mobile operating system. Currently Android is up and running on more than one billion devices. Google avails regular updates of Android along with an annual major update. This product is one of the major hits of Google.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel is a range of smartphone introduced by Google. It is the first range of smartphones launched by the brand. Some of the major characteristics of the smartphone include:

Material – Aluminium
Storage – up to 128 GB
Read Camera – 12.3 MP
Front Camera – 8 Mp
Display – Amoled 5.0”
Battery – 26 hrs

Google Home

Google Home is a range of smart speakers developed and launched by Google. This product functions on Google Assistant which is Google’s voice-activated virtual helper that’s connected to the internet. This product acts as a medium to conduct various activities by connecting it to the Google Assistant wherein it listens to its environment but responds to commands only with one of its preprogrammed wake words which are either “OK Google” or “Hey Google”.

Google Duo

Video calling now made easy with Google Duo. It also enables users not having the Duo app to receive calls made by a user having the app. This feature update is said to be one of the finest since it makes potential users to give the product a try and explore all its features. Google Duo manages to function on weak internet connection by automatically reducing the speed and thus using less data. It is said to have an amazing video and audio quality that makes video calls fun.

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Considering everything, what makes Google different is its ability to integrate an entire portfolio of innovation strategies into a seamless whole. Along with all of its capabilities, the products introduced and still in the process of introduction by the brand are all of top quality. The brands practical applications of all the defined principles enables them to create a completely new management concept. A conconcept that promotes continuous innovations in this rapidly advancing and changing world. Besides, it also requires a true spirit of discovery embedded into an organization’s culture that Google Definitely has.