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Foxtel’s new subscription video on device (SVoD) service, Binge, is now available in Australia. According to a Ray Morgan research, by the end of 2019, over 14.5 million Australians had access to one or another form of streaming service [1]. Additionally, while Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Stan and Disney+ gained subscribers with time, Foxtel was the only one that lost more than 98,000 subscribers due to outdated content [2]. With Binge, Foxtel aims to be the best streaming service in Australia (and other parts of the world) by offering subscribers exclusive content with plenty of options to choose from. 

Details about Foxtel’s new streaming service 

Foxtel has confirmed Binge’s launch date as May 25th 2020. Also, if people are unsure about buying a subscription, they can also enjoy a free two-week trial. The new player in the on-demand video streaming market offers 10,000 hours of binge-worthy content and has plans to scale it up to 20,000 within the next 12 months.

Despite the existence of market players with high market share, CEO Julian Ogrin is positive about the success of Binge entering the battle of video streaming services in Australia. Ogrin says that Binge is a next-generation streaming service. They want to go beyond providing the best content by creating an emotional connection with viewers. They also want Binge to be a place subscribers can escape to for ‘me time’. Ogrin adds that the time is right to unleash this new streaming service that will provide Australians with the best content across all genres. 

Type of content to be expected in Binge


Quantity and quality, Foxtel is aiming both when it comes to content on Binge. Ogrin says that they have an amazing line-up of entertainment from the world’s best brands. Shows from leading studios such as HBO, HBO Max, Sony, Warner Bros., the BBC, NBCU and FX will be available on the new streaming platform. Foxtel’s Binge will definitely have something for everyone and new content will be added regularly so that there’s always something fresh to watch. Some of the popular titles that Binge has in its content library are Bad Education, Barry, Batwoman, Big Little Lies, Chernobyl, Game of Thrones, Girls, Homeland, Modern Family, Mrs America, Parks & Recreation, Seinfeld, Six Feet Under, The Office, The Wire, True Detective and Westworld.

The subscription plans for Foxtel’s Binge start from as low as $10 per month. Read on to know about all subscription plans available.

Subscription plans and pricing of Binge streaming service

There are 3 types of subscription plans available to choose from. 

  • For standard definition streaming and one user, the cost is $10 per month. Though only one user can stream simultaneously through this subscription plan, up to six individual profiles can be created for friends and family so no one loses track of last-watched.
  • For a $14 per month subscription, two users can stream simultaneously and can stream the content in HD quality. 
  • Lastly, the $18-per-month subscription gives users access to HD Plus content and 4 users can stream simultaneously.

Binge will be available to stream on web browsers and on its iOS and Android app. If you have a smart TV, Binge is supported by Apple, Android and Telstra. The new streaming service is also compatible with AirPlay and Chromecast, in case you don’t have access to a smart TV. 

Binge is entering the market at a time when there are well-established players offering a ton of alluring content. Though it is all set to attract subscribers with better content than before, only time will tell if Binge will be able to become the best streaming service in Australia


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