Let’s meet Foodvisor, a startup that has developed a mobile app that assists you to log everything you eat so that you can lose weight, follow a diet, or become healthier.

You can include data by taking a photo of your plate before you eat.

The Story of Foodvisor

The company had spent a little over two years doing analysis and development before they started the app back in 2018 in France.

Foodvisor has allocated $1.5 million so far (€1.4 million).

The company is applying deep learning to permit image recognition to identify what you are about to eat. 

In augmentation to recognizing the type of food, the app attempts to calculate the weight of each item.

Foodvisor strives to evaluate the gap between your plate and your phone using camera autofocus data. 

It then measures the area of every food item. 

The company then works to extrapolate the amount of each item depending on the kind of food.

And of course, if Foodvisor understood something wrong, you can manually change it before you log your meal. 

Several people give up on nutrition trackers because it’s just too demanding. 

Foodvisor’s technology is all about obtaining the data entry method as seamless as possible.

Following that, you get a menu of nutrition facts about what you just ate, for example, calories, proteins, carbs, fats, fibers, etc. 

You can then further set a target, log exercises, and observe your overall progress over time.

The startup has succeeded in attracting 1.8 million app downloads already. 

It is on iOS and Android in various languages such as French, English, German, and Spanish. 

Co-founder and CMO Aurore Tran said that they had adjusted their product, and also they have improved their database to target the American market better.

Foodvisor app | iTMunch

Foodvisor Costing Options

It gives a premium subscription for $5 to $10 every month. 

In addition to more study and diet plans, the chief feature of the premium plan is that you can chat with a certified dietitian/nutritionist directly from the app. 

It seems to be that artificial intelligence actually cannot substitute real human nutritionists altogether.

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