Audi Business Innovation is experimenting with a ride-sharing service in Southern Germany called BITS that utilizes both gasoline and electric vehicles in its fleet.

Audi Takes The Fleetonomy Route 

To maintain the service, Audi has turned to Fleetonomy, a fleet management service that gives white-labeled ride-hailing app services plus fleet management technology.

The company produces technology to manage fleet utilization and enhance efficiency by bringing clarity to maintenance forces, real-time demand, and supply availability.

The service gives long-distance drives over Southern Germany with a mix of electric and internal combustion-powered vehicles.

The need for adjustable mobility amongst customers is increasing and is set to become an added focus area for the automotive business, said Nico Gropper, Audi Business Innovation GmbH. 

He said that always they strive to be at the forefront of these developments. 

Services that involve both electric and ICE vehicles have to deal with extra levels of complexity to run smoothly.

Hence, solving these complexities with the correct technology partner is critical to the operational and financial progress of the entire service.

The Plan Moving Forward 

Following a successful primary test in October, the company is intending to do more with the service. 

The latest partnership with Fleetonomy provides Audi both an app-based bespoke ride-hailing service and a process to maintain a fleet of both electric and combustion vehicles.

The tech can be utilized to address range anxiety problems by supplying particular vehicles for trips that are listed for certain distances, so that battery capacity is not as much of a problem.

An Audi Car Parked on the Road | iTMunch

Moreover, so that routes can be operated by optimizing for charging time and locations.

Employing Fleetonomy, Audi has dispatch and scheduling management dashboards and offers a mobile app for both customers and drivers.

It is an Uber-like experience that automakers can manage themselves.

Fleetnomy Co-Founder & CEO Israel Duanis said in a statement that automotive companies worldwide are increasing their role as service providers of on-demand movement services.

Furthermore, they a looking for effective ways to handle their fleets rein order to design services that are both beneficial as well as give a great traveling experience.

He further said that they are immensely valued to be the technology partner elected to power this first-of-its-kind service. 

He mentioned that they are looking ahead to proceeding to support Audi Business Innovation in their New Mobility campaign.

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