eBay is set to enter the NFT space thanks to assistance from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. The firm has announced today that it will roll out 13 limited-edition digital collectibles in alliance with the popular Web3 platform OneOf. Every digital collectible will contain a 3D animated rendering of Gretzky showing off his signature moves in the ice rink. 

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What are NFTs?

Typically, an NFT is a digital asset that is created to keep track of the ownership of a virtual item utilizing the blockchain. These unique items could be sports trading cards or artwork. Every NFT offers something unique and cannot be cloned or duplicated. The value of these NFTs depends on a bunch of factors and they are safely stored in digital wallets as collector’s items. 

More about Greyzky collectibles

Gretzky’s collection will feature animations of the hockey star’s covers in the ‘Sports Illustrated magazine. Just like other NFT collections, there are four levels of rarity. Ten green NFTs for $10 each have been issued. In addition, there are 15 diamond-level NFTs that will cost $1,500 each. 

Gretzky, the hockey legend said that four decades ago, he was grateful and happy to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated and that it was a huge moment in his life. He further said that he is delighted to offer the collectible experience to his hockey fans who have closet followed his career and supported him throughout the journey. 

Dawn Block, Vice President of electronics, home, and collectibles at eBay said that blockchain technology and NFTs are transforming the collectibles ecosystem. He added that NFTs are increasingly been seen as an investment opportunity by many worldwide. The partnership with OneOf will enable eBay to make NFTs more accessible to a new generation of collectors at any location in the world. 

OneOf – the green NFT platform

OneOf says that is a “green” NFT platform and leverages energy-efficient blockchain technology. Blockchain has received a great amount of criticism from environmentalists who have pointed out that the crypto mining process consumes a great amount of energy and in some cases more than an entire country. OneOf claims that it utilizes less than 2 million times less energy than “typical” blockchain networks. 

Lin Dai, CEO of OneOf said that eBay’s software and OneOf’s software will be perfectly integrated to offer a seamless NFT purchase experience for their customers. He further added that the goal is to attract 100 million non-crypto users, and this partnership will help them achieve this goal.

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Feature Image Source: eBay