Julie Yoo has entered Andreessen Horowitz as its latest general partner. 

She will secure investments out of the venture capital firm’s bio fund, which settled on $450 million in 2017.

Introducing Julie Yoo

Yoo spent her last eight years as a co-founder and chief product officer of Kyruus, a venture-backed healthcare provider matching tool. 

Before she co-founded Kyruus, Yoo was the vice president of product at Generation Health, which was a CVS-obtained health control company. 

In her primary role as a venture capitalist, Yoo says she will recognize investments in companies changing access to the healthcare system.

Yoo also mentioned that they are an increase in the phrase ‘software is eating the world.

She joins as a16z’s 17th GP; the firm appointed David George, who manages late-stage deals and Anish Acharya, who is specialized in fintech deals, as GPs beginning of this year.

More distinctly, Yoo is the fourth female general partner at a company that for many years, only had men at the top of its ranks. 

The Slack investor appointed its first-ever female GP, Katie Haun, in June 2018 to manage its crypto ventures alongside Chris Dixon. 

Long-time a16z investors Connie Chan and Angela Strange were later advanced to GP.

Julie Yoo Recruited as General Manager at Andreessen Horowitz | iTMunch

Yoo’s Role At Andreessen Horowitz

Yoo will work with Vijay Pande and Jorge Conde on a16z’s biotech investment unit. 

The trio will concentrate on life sciences, artificial bio, and broader health tech.

Conde states that as they have focused on these three areas, they have understood, it is a pretty broad opportunity. 

They needed to find a GP that had the phenotype of what they see for in all of their GP, and also needed someone who has extensive operating expertise that understands how to build companies.

Additional investments in the space involve 

  • Freenome, a liquid biopsy diagnostics platform
  • Apeel, which creates a kind of plant food-based bar for fruit that intends to replace wax coatings
  • PatientPing, a concern coordination network 
  • BioAge Labs, a company that is attempting to find drugs that increase humans’ healthspan by machine learning and biomarkers, which speeds up the development process

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Image Courtesy: Andreessen Horowitz