Amazon did not realize what it had on its hands with the initial Echo. 

Launched five and a half years back for a picked number of Amazon Prime users, the first Alexa device led a user electronics revolution.

According to figures from Canalys, 26.1 million smart speakers were dispatched in Q2 2019. 

That is a massive 55.4% growth from the year earlier, with Amazon seizing just over a quarter of the entire global market. 

The Journey of Echo 

Much of Amazon’s increase (up 61% y-o-y) is service of its swiftly growing line, which now extends from the $50 Echo Dot to the $200 Echo Studio.

At $100, the Echo remains right in the centre. 

And unlike Google, which has left the Home mostly unchanged during its two-year existence, Amazon is now on the third span for its base-level device.

What Are The Latest Developments?

The newest version of the device, launched at an Alexa event at Amazon HQ in Seattle earlier this month, leaves the swappable face gimmick of the prior generation. 

Instead, the company has concentrated on the speaker section of the smart speaker. 

It was something that was too frequently overlooked by earlier devices, which were initially viewed as a channel for voice assistants.

The new Echo cuts pretty accurately between the Dot and Studio, Amazon’s new HomePod opponent. 

It is not where you want to do all of your music hearing, but it is a nice bonus to a desk at work or home where music listening is secondary. 

The third-generation Echo surely marks an enhancement sound-wise over earlier models. 

It gives decent 360 sound and surprisingly a heavy bass, thanks to a 3.0-inch woofer and 0.8-inch tweeter. 

There is also a 3.5-inch audio jack for recording or outputting sound. 

The setup is the same as last year’s Echo Plus, only without the less important smart home centre functionality.

The device seems almost identical to the second-gen Echo Plus, leaving many wondering if the product is long for this world. 

Amazon Echo and Echo Plus | iTMunch

With four various colours, the Echo should match in well with most surroundings. 

The rounded, fabric-covered design is a far cry from the initial days of hard plastic. 

There is a notable light ring up top to allow you to know when the Echo is hearing.

Along with an ensemble of buttons: volume up/down, microphone and the action button, which offers a variety of jobs, including firing up Alexa and switching off timers.

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