With how things are moving, it appears that we are well and truly living in the era of artificial intelligence (AI). We have heard so many positive and negative things about this cutting-edge technology in recent years, haven’t we? While some believe that AI will gradually take over and replace humans at several jobs, others believe that AI will only make things easier for us. 

AI-powered chatbots have become the main topic of discussion in recent days thanks to OpenAI’s conversational platform, ChatGPT. Chatbots have been around for quite some time now, commonly used for customer support and service. However, ChatGPT has shown the world what AI-powered chatbots are truly capable of doing – creating marketing material, writing content, delivering scripts for ads, writing a comedy sketch, and even writing songs. 

Naturally, the interest and curiosity around ChatGPT have risen in unimaginable ways since its launch exactly a month ago. In just a month, ChatGPT has amassed a whopping 1 million users worldwide. 

As mentioned above, people are using ChatGPT for different reasons. What caught our interest are these awesome ChatGPT prompts listed below. 

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Awesome ChatGPT prompts and answers

1. Write a song about a web developer

When ChatGPT was asked to write the lyrics of a song about a web developer, it did not hold back. Quirky lines filled with intelligent mention of what a web developer’s life looks like, the lyrics are hilarious.

Here is a small snippet: 

ChatGPT response to "write a song about a web developer"

2. Can you tell me a story about a crypto miner?

The cryptocurrency sector is going through a rough patch at the moment. With the recent FTX collapse, things are not looking great. However, we were interested to know what ChatGPT thinks about a crypto miner and this was the response we got.

A story about a crypto miner by ChatGPT

3. Will you take my job?

As mentioned before, many believe that AI will replace humans in many walks of life. While that may be true, the good news is that it will also open up new opportunities for millions worldwide. We were just curious to know what the AI thought and here is what it said. 

ChatGPT's response to "will you take my job"

4. Will email marketing die soon?

The arrival of social media marketing has rattled email marketers. Email marketing service providers are unsure whether email marketing will continue to be a relevant force in the marketing world a few years down the line. We asked the AI what it thinks and this is what it said. 

ChatGPT's response to "will email marketing die"

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We predict this is just the start of exciting things that await us. Stay tuned and continue reading iTMunch to keep up with the latest AI news and trends.