WhatsApp is one of the most famous instant messaging app on the planet.

They are examining a characteristic that can make it easier for its 2 billion users to tell whether the statement made in messages they have got is valid.

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In the current most beta version of its Android app, the Facebook-owned service has provided users with the capability to instantly comb through the web with the text or video they have got for more context.

WhatsApp has been experimenting this feature in some place for many quarters now (the previous year, it let some users look up an image on the web), but a spokesperson has now informed that the platform intends to roll out this feature in the coming future.

“We are accomplishing on new features to help enable users to find out more data about the messages they get that have been sent many times. This characteristic is presently in testing, and we look ahead to rolling it out in the coming future,” a spokesperson stated in a statement.

The appropriate test of this feature appears at a time when WhatsApp and additional messaging programs are being utilised more usually than ever before as people stay in touch with their colleagues, relatives, and friends in the light of a global pandemic.

And as it has occurred in the history, various platforms, including WhatsApp, are fighting with the spread of misinformation — this time regarding the coronavirus.

Although WhatsApp has proceeded to take action much quicker this time. 

It started reaching out to dozens of authorities last month to help in their attempts to give correct information to the common public, it said.

Earlier today, India declared a WhatsApp bot to assist its citizens in being better educated about coronavirus. 

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WHO Works With WhatsApp

This week, the World Health Organization also declared a WhatsApp bot for people globally to break myths about the coronavirus and solve some of the most frequently asked inquiries about the disease.

“The WHO Health Alert is the newest formal NGO or government helpline to become accessible on WhatsApp, following the Singapore Government, The Israel Ministry of Health, the South Africa Department of Health, and KOMINFO Indonesia. 

We are actively serving to start local services with different countries as well,” WhatsApp stated in a statement.

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