The number of people making use of smartphones for browsing the internet is increasing rapidly every year. It is estimated that almost 61.2 percent of the world population will be seen making use of mobile phones to access the internet in 2018 (Statista, 2017).

It was only a matter of time before almost everything became mobile friendly and easily available on your smartphone. Gone are the days of dull charts and line graphs for studying and analyzing the stock market. Today, stock market information is easily available on various mobile applications. They are colourful and offer real-time market and economic news along with various analysis tools (Elmblad, 2017). Read the following stock market apps that have gained popularity and positive reviews from millions of users.

According to the latest marketing news, Top 5 Stock Market Apps for Investors & Traders


This app is created by one of the top financial news companies and offers the latest marketing news and data on smartphone and tablets. Through this app users can also watch Live Bloomberg Television or listen to audio interviews and analysis from across the globe. Along with live marketing news and updates, they also offer performance charts to help users track their holdings. The app also allows users to set alerts on stock positions. Bloomberg can be considered as one of the best applications for tracking and analyzing the stock market.


Whether you are a casual or serious trader, trading fees can get really expensive. Robinhood app allows you make trades for free for US-listed securities (Fabian, 2017). Robinhood was launched in 2014 and became the first financial app to win an Apple Design Award in 2015. Robinhood shares useful insights about trends and suggests relevant stocks using geolocation. The latest updated versions are available for both Android and iOS users. Robinhood has also launched a premium version called the Robinhood Gold which offers advanced features such as extended trading hours, a line of credit and faster options for deposits and withdrawals.

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Scutify makes use of social media and is designed entirely around investing and finance. A community of investors can communicate with each over this app to provide unique and useful insights. Scutify aggregates social media posts on relevant stocks, markets, currencies and commodities to allow users to interact with each other on research and identify trends (Hayes, 2017). Along with this the app also provides market summaries, detailed analysis, and news.


Jstock is one of the most popular financial analysis apps and provides portfolio and dividend management tools. It also provides 36 world stock markets and performance charts of up to 10 years, world indexes and stock alerts (Fabian, 2018). It helps you stay on top of your stocks and you can even set up stock alerts.


This app helps you connect with top stock advisors for the latest updates about your favourite stocks. This app allows you to set up watchlists, view trends and also collaborate with other traders and investors. It allows you to connect on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well for message sharing. This app tries to gauge market sentiment based on the user rankings of each stock (Hayes, 2017).

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