Ring’s new Battery Doorbell Plus addresses many major issues with its previous doorbell models. Ring may have pioneered the video doorbell market. Still, its capabilities have now been eclipsed by other rivals that provide higher-resolution footage, a wider field of view, and alerts for motion detection in the form of animals or moving automobiles (as well as people and packages). Only the top-tier Ring Pro 2 (a hardwired doorbell) could compete with the rest of the market.

With a square 1:1 aspect ratio, 150 degrees by 150 degrees of field of vision, and 1536p HD video quality, the latest $179.99 Battery Doorbell Plus improves upon Ring’s previous battery-powered buzzers and will arrive on April 5th for presale on Amazon and Ring.com. If you’re looking for a high-quality video doorbell, this has almost the same features as the Ring Pro 2 (a popular choice) but for roughly $70 less (the Pro 2 costs $250).

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What’s New With Doorbell Plus?

With the new square view, you can see who’s at your door and who’s dropped off items from head to toe. The 16:9 aspect ratio used by all of Ring’s previous battery-powered doorbell cameras allows for a wide field of view horizontally. Still, it obscures any parcels that may be lying on the ground.

Compared to the previous Ring doorbell battery-buzzers, the 1536p HD video is a significant upgrade, putting it on par with the quality of Ring’s Pro 2, which offers some of the greatest video quality to see the person at your front doorstep among the various video doorbells.

The Battery Doorbell Plus will ultimately replace the Ring Video Doorbell 3 in Ring’s portfolio as a midrange standard doorbell option, arriving just after Ring Video Doorbell Wired at $65 and also the Ring Video Doorbell at $99 (which includes a built-in battery) (which has a built-in battery).

Battery Still Remains An Issue?

The business claims that the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus’s battery life will be “up to three times greater than the initial Ring Video Doorbell,” which the product’s name implies. Battery tech has substantially advanced since Ring’s initial doorbell debuted in 2011, which makes you think its new doorbells last for at least three times longer.

The bad news is that this upgraded battery isn’t brand new. It’s the same detachable, rechargeable battery used in the newest versions of the Ring Doorbell (3 and 4) and the company’s battery-operated security cameras.

According to Ring, part of this enhanced battery life derives from “software tweaks” the user needs to make by activating functions like Advanced Motion Detection, Motion Zones, including People Only Mode accessible in the Ring app. Because of this, the camera doesn’t have to be roused for even the slightest movement, saving considerable energy. Nevertheless, you can use them with any other Ring doorbell cameras; they aren’t exclusive to the new doorbell.

Ring’s Battery Doorbell Plus, like all their other cameras, includes free features like motion detection and private zones. In addition, to live view, two-way conversation, and the ability to see your doorbell camera stream on an Echo Show and Fire TV, the device supports Quick Answers (preset replies that your doorbell may deliver to guests). The Battery Doorbell Plus may be connected to your current interior doorbell chime and trickle charges the battery.

Added Features Available

The cloud storage of recorded video, package warnings, rich notifications, and People Only Mode are all part of the Ring Protect membership ($3.99/month or $39.99/year) (so you only get notified when the cameras see a person).

End-to-end video encryption may be activated on every Ring doorbell camera but disables some functions. Ring Edge, a local storing and processing option, is compatible with the new Battery Doorbell Plus and needs a Ring Alarm Pro smart hub. Suppose you are worried about Ring’s connections with police or the ability of anybody other than yourself to access and see your recordings. In that case, you can also opt out of the Neighbors app integration and Ring’s public safety collaborations.

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Feature Image Source: Ring