When we think of mobiles of the past, Nokia has always been at the forefront. So, what happened to Nokia now? We sure haven’t seen any latest Nokia mobiles, so does Nokia still make phones? The Finnish telecommunications company Nokia updated its logo to tell the rest of the world that it is no longer in the mobile manufacturing business.

According to Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark, “in most people’s views, we are still a thriving mobile phone brand. But this is not who we are. We want to introduce a new brand focused on networks and commercial digitalization. A completely distinct endeavor from the traditional mobile phones” said the company.

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More About Nokia’s New Logo Reveal

On Sunday, Nokia unveiled its new brand identity at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). This is first significant revamp of the company’s emblem in almost 60 years. From its inception in 1865 as a single paper mill business, the corporation has gone a long way. The initial symbol for the firm was a salmon’s head, which was intended to be a nod to the river B, on the banks of which the factory was built and from which the business derives its name.

Nokia’s Journey Till Date

Nokia formerly dominated the mobile industry. However, the company needed help to successfully transition into the smartphone age driven by Apple and Google. So, why did Nokia’s growth halt? In 2014, the corporation decided to sell its cellphone company to Microsoft; however, the transaction could have been much better.

By 2016, Microsoft had already incurred losses of at least $8 billion due to the purchase. It had begun dying down its smartphone industry, which still needed to compete successfully with iOS and Android. That year, the Nokia mobile business was sold to a new company called HMD Global, which former Nokia workers had established. Even though Foxconn subsidiary FIH Mobile now produces them, Android devices have started being re-marketed and sold under the Nokia brand name.

HMD has verified that the rebranding of Nokia will not impact the company’s own usage of the old logo. Lars Silberbauer, the chief marketing officer at HMD, was quoted as saying that the traditional Nokia brand has an outstanding history in the mobile phone industry. “The tremendous momentum associated with the traditional Nokia mark is continued by our Nokia-branded phones, such as the three new smartphones we unveiled this week, the Nokia G22, Nokia C22, and Nokia C32,” Just a few days ago, HMD unveiled the brand new G22, which is repairable and comes replete with the Nokia brand insignia.

What Has Nokia Pivoted To?

Nowadays, Nokia generates revenue from businesses such as selling network infrastructure and licensing its numerous patents to other firms, including companies that create mobile devices. Also, the corporation has been putting significant effort into the 5G market. Part of its business has been supported by prohibitions on equipment made by Chinese competitor Huawei.

Lundmark described the new design as “capturing Nokia how we operate today, with fresh enthusiasm and dedication as leaders of digital change” in a post on the company’s blog.

Lundmark said, “We leaned on the tradition of the old design but made it seem more modern and digital to represent our current brand… This is Nokia… but not in the way that the world has viewed us in the past.”

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